Workflow management is essential for businesses. It is an advanced platform that provides flexible tools to improve the way you work, ensuring that your business stays at the top. PlatoForms workflow management system provides an infrastructure for businesses to create and optimize workflow in an ideal way. It helps you automate work processes, identify potential areas of improvement, and monitor defined tasks for you to achieve great results. All you need to do is to set-up a defined sequence of tasks, arrange as a workflow application, and achieve new levels of efficiency.


If your PDF needs to be filled up in multiple steps by different people, then workflow can help you with this process. For example, if the PDF requires a customer to fill the information and also needs the manager as well as the company to sign off the form, it may be a complex process to pass the form around that may result in the loss of information. Workflow is designed to help breakdown this process into steps where the PDF is passed down to different parties to fill up resulting in fully-completed PDF.

For example, imagine a Car Sales Form containing three-steps, one step each for the three different people in the sales process—the buyer, salesperson, and sales manager.

The steps of the example sales process:

Step 1: The buyer of the car fills in their personal information.

Step 2: The salesperson fills in details about the car.

Step 3: The sales manager signs-off the form to complete the sale.

After each step, a notification is automatically sent to the next person in the process until the form is complete. In many cases, each step is part of the same PDF (the sales form). Finally, when each step is complete, the form is assembled into one PDF file.

Usually, to develop an accurate workflow for this project, you would need to group a series of one-off tasks to achieve a goal. It might include:

• Building a series of steps required to attain the best results
• Listing any one-off task and document used in every step
• Discovering the order that every task needs to occur in
• Designating tasks to an individual, if important [some tasks may be automated]
• Setting time interval for every task and step

However, building this sort of workflow with PlatoForms is very easy. With PlatoForms, you can develop a workflow for a single project and a business process – all projects and lists are 100% customized to you. Our workflow management system provides a visual aspect where you can build workflows without any technical knowledge of programming or coding.


• Streamline and speed up internal processes by reducing manual entry.
• Few errors and re-work.
• Improved communication with clients and customers.
• Identify and eliminate redundancy.
• Increase productivity - saves you a great deal of time.
• Reduce the risk of improperly approved requests.
• Increase accountability.

All the benefits listed above leads to “Improved business efficiency and better customer services” due to the implementation of automated workflows. PlatoForms offers personalized and easy ways to get more tasks complete. Try our top free app for organizing and prioritizing tasks and other complex projects.

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We'll show you how exactly you can create a workflow. Some templates are as simple as black and white shape-based flowcharts.