Spray paint is a unique form of art that is generally performed on street large meteropolitan cities to

color the background. It is used on glass, ceramic, plastic and wooden as well. On the pother hand graffti

paint art is used on building and trains. This spray art is originated in Mexico City in 1980’s and called as

Aerosolgrafia and sadotgrafia. This name came from painter’s name. Ruben “Sadot” fernadez first painted in

front of public. He did not use any brush during painting.

There is important aspect of this painting that Sadot listen classic music, rock and Hispanic Azmec beat

while painting and from their he was inspiring and he had started doing spray painting. You can go through Easy

spray art for the beginner’s tutorial at SprayPaintArtSectrs.com, here all the guidelines and steps are

described properly for beginners and how to do spray painting. First tutorial is free of cost for you.

Everyone is unique in nature and unique perception, imagination and the way looking the things, understand

the things is different. Painting is the reflection of painter’s idea and their perception. He describes

everything about nature, emotions and feeling through his painting.

What do you need to start with Spray paint for beginner’s Program?

Tools which you need in spray painting are spray paint, oil painter knife, glossy magazine pages, trash bag,

old spot and respirator.

Basic things to know about spray paint are:

  1. Select a ventilated place so it will protect you from paint fumes.
  2. Use cardboard and cloth during spray paint so you can protect yourself
  3. For smooth and fine finishing, most material should be clean, dried and will give you best and smooth


  4. Test on sample before applying on project and test on same material which you will use to apply for


  5. Apply multiple thin coat and it will give you fine finishing

Allow the project to dry and different brands have different time for dry. For more detail you can visit at


How to prepare surface material for spray paint?

There are different type of surface materials which you can use for example ceramic, fabric and vinyl,

glass, metal, plastic, sisal, wicker and wood etc. It is not easy to put imagination on piece of paper in the

form of painting.

It needs creative and technical knowledge to develop a painting so viewer can easily understand the idea in

painting because painting tells each emotion, feeling and incident.

Beginners need advice and complete knowledge in each step. For learning spray painting and any doubt you can visit at Spray Paint Art

Secrets. It is beginners one of the best site to learn spray painting skills.

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