Increasing productivity offers a vital way to further a company's business objectives. In today's highly competitive global marketplace, entrepreneurs seek new, creative ways to achieve this objective. If you would like to improve your team's overall productivity, many experts recommend implementing some useful strategies:

Recognize Pareto's Law

Many sales organizations inevitably operate according to Pareto's Law; professional sales managers appreciate that in most offices engaged in active sales activities, one in five employees will account for roughly 80% of the group's total production. The stellar performance of just a small number of top sales leaders often contrasts with the mediocre figures generated by most of the other employees.

Some efficiency experts note that even non-sales related activities sometimes function according to Pareto's Law: any given individual will find that productivity occurs mainly from 20% of job activities. By working with employees to ascertain their most effective inputs, savvy managers can turn Pareto's Law to the firm's advantage. Encourage everyone to focus more attention of the really productive aspects of the job.

Encourage Innovation

The government of New Zealand recommends that companies interested in increasing productivity should strive to encourage innovation. In the era of vibrant, Internet-connected commercial activities especially, a wide array of technology assists this objective. Companies which take steps to raise productivity by embracing new ideas and tools often find that they attract a more highly skilled, creative work force in the process, resulting in synergistic benefits.

What type of innovations might assist this approach? Transitioning to voice over internet protocols represents one innovative way to reduce overhead costs, as companies like Telesphere VoIP Solutions demonstrate. Another readily accessible, simple, innovation involves using online programs to encourage employees to take full advantage of keyboard shortcuts and to improve typing speeds. Small innovations implemented at the grassroots level can add up to significant productivity gains over the long term.

Stress Team Work and Collaboration

A third important way for a business to augment productivity easily relates to placing a greater emphasis on team work and collaboration. The current popularity of agile, lean business models and kanban tool usage exemplifies this trend.

Numerous new software products now assist companies in helping remotely located employees collaborate and exchange ideas, for instance. This trend promises to remain significant in the future.
By implementing simple changes in a workplace designed to promote greater productivity, managers enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. Today, powerful new technological tools greatly assist this goal.

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