You know, when you first start a small business, it can take just ages for your revenue to increase to a point where you notice any profit at all.  And, until that point, every dime you make goes back into the business to barely keep it going until it really takes off.  That can get very stressful – a real drag or downer.  Well, here are a few simple ways you can increase your revenue some, especially while you are waiting for your business to really take off.

The basic approach here is a called content monetization platform.  In simple words, this approach offers you a variety of choices for things that you can just plug in to your website content that can help you earn money from website visits – yes, just by visits.  I will explain.

There are paywall plug ins that allow you to place advertising banners for other companies on your website.  A visitor comes to your site, clicks on that banner, and the company pays you a little bit for each click of that sort.  Here is an example:  you are in the business of book selling, you place an ad banner for a big publishing company on your site, a visitor clicks on that ad and, voila, you get a little extra money in your pocket.  Yes, it can be that simple to monetize your content!  The advertising banner just blends in with your business, just fits naturally there and leads a visitor to want to explore.

Let us take that same example – you are a book seller – you can purchase a content monetization platform that allows your customers to check out with all of their purchases with just one click – you have to admit, that is a lot faster than having to check out every single item individually and, people live for convenience and speed these days.  Not only that, but there are content monetization platforms that will automatically place subscribe buttons on your pages so that people can quickly and easily sign up for digital content subscriptions on your site – that could get word around about your book selling business in a big hurry!  You could use that digital content subscription to spread word to people about sales and new arrivals, you could use it to increase personal readership if you happen to write a blog or e-magazine.  Something like this could really sky-rocket your business and, even if it doesn't send you thousands of customers, you will still have regular subscription fees that you can count on from your readers.

These few tips are, in a nutshell, how to earn money from website visits: invest in a few, or a lot, of content monetization platform that provide several fast and convenient options for your website visitors to click on and invest in, including but not limited to advertising banners for companies that are relevant to your business and digital content subscriptions.

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