A Message By Breastlight Cancer Awareness Campaign

Awareness is always a better way to take measures for avoiding further damages. Brest light cancer awareness campaign was initiated for the same purpose. Awareness is not just limited to some specific topics but has a big plan of action to fight the apprehensions as well as to dispel the unnecessary myths. When we talk about awareness it includes and covers all aspects. It is, in fact, a blessing and one has to be very much anxious about this, should always be a seeker.

The menace of Breast cancer:
Breast cancer is perhaps the most common ailment relates to women. A few years back like many other disease this was also considered to be an incurable one. Things changed with the passage of time and by the advancement of technology. The scenario is quite altered now. Breast cancer is no more an irredeemable disease but obviously not peculiarly in case of breast cancer but generally, early detection can prove to be a miracle. So make it sure to be a part of an early detection program or session.

Dietary prescriptions:
Diet is supposed to be a responsible factor for almost 30% to 40% of all types of cancers. Obviously, diet or meal cannot protect you from getting into a disease like cancer, but healthy food can make you vigorous, can enhance your immune system, and further can be your companion in your fight against cancer. According to several types of research if you eat healthily and make all the nutrients a compulsive part of your daily food and make it a habit you can avoid so many diseases and in case you, unfortunately, get into any such disease like cancer, this food routine will help you a lot to endure the developed discomfort. Hygienic condition of the food you takes is also an important factor.
The risk of breast cancer is low in countries where vegetables, fruits, and other planted food is cultivated following the natural methods and avoiding it from every sort of unnatural procedures. Eating healthy food should a compulsion for you in case even if you are not into any sort of disease. A survey was conducted in America and according to the survey females who eat unhealthy and high-fat diet during their adolescence, even if they are not chubby or have obesity, but still they may have a higher risk of evolving breast cancer later in life.

What should we eat ?

There are a few suggestions that may give you relief and may edify your thinking as well.

• Vegetables and fruits should be a compulsive part of your diet. According to several studies, planted food is much healthier than the fatty products, and make sure that you are using fresh stock.
• Your water intake must be very good on a daily basis. Take as much glass of water as you can.
• Limit your fat intake. Eliminate the fatty elements from your daily food items.
• Your food should be a combination of all nutrients. Proteins, vitamins, fiber, minerals all should be the necessary elements of the food you take.
• Try to buy organic food. For keeping your health fit and avoiding obesity walk or exercise should also be like food for you.

There are many other things that may be helpful for you but these simple suggestions can make a difference in your life if followed.

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