Vegetable recipes are always preferred by most of the Indians across the world. This sure has changed the trend in the world where people are being driven towards Indian culture and vegetarian food. Many vegetable recipes like mixed vegetables and Gobhi aloe are relished all across north India, where people are fond of spices and extreme flavors. These recipes may contain high amount of oil in them but with the large amount of chilies in them can make them healthy vegetable recipes with a great source of vitamin C which is a great source for better skin and better immune system. Some other easy vegetable recipes like sarson ka saag is another great legacy in the Indian cooking menu, one of the famous dishes from the north which is famous all across the world. This is one dish which you will never forget to keep in your menu card.

Many of these easy vegetable recipes are like a great piece of art, with a great mosaic of flavors and bright colors which look pretty good. This also creates a sense of happiness and pleasure to the guest’s mind. Hence you can always play with colors and flavors of all sorts to bring about different flavors which you want your guests to taste. Whether you are celebrating some occasion or may it be anything, or even a regular dinner at your home, you will know what you will do to bring happiness on your family’s face.

Apart from these vegetable recipes there are many other recipes with international flavors like macaroni and spaghetti which can be made using loads of vegetables to give them fresh taste and lots of healthy factors. These healthy vegetable recipes are easy to cook and are always relished by your children as well as your guests of all ages. You can blend in mushroom and some white sauce to give your macaroni some new flavor which will bring about a different taste in it. Potato wedges are other great easy vegetable recipes which are loved by all and they taste a lot better when you serve them with a dip of some sort, may it be made from mint or something else. All these variations will put your recipes at the top of the list and you will be renowned as a great chef in your neighborhood and your family.

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