Do you recognise your uniqueness? It might sound a bit of cliché, but seriously we all have different DNA, different body frame, and different mind set. Remember there is no one else like you on the planet. How often do you say to yourself,” I love and adore you, my best friend.” Make sure you do everything to make your life more happy, healthy and loving. It is imperative to fulfil yourself completely.
Needs, wants and craving, are unique to you, as are your likes and dislikes, therefore it is down to you to create YOUR way of living, eating, which is relevant to you
Although it sounds liberating, how do you do this?

Follow these principals to guide you.

• Where possible buy ecological/organic food.
• Buy locally grown produce
• Find out which farmers in your area grown fresh produce, where the soil has been cultivated to be chemical and pesticide free. Or look for the butchers and grocers that buy off these types of farmers.
• Consider growing you own vegetables if you have the room
• Drink fresh filtered water

Consider doing something that will balance the spirit, mind and body, giving you more clarity, improved flexibility, good circulation not to mention strength and balance. Try yoga or tai chi.
• Eat and enjoy at least two servings of ecological/organic leafy vegetables, such as collard greens, spinach, kale, mustard greens.
• Several times a week salivate over whole grains, such as bulgur, oatmeal, Millet or Quinoa
• Try and source organic, grass fed meat as opposed to commercially grown.
• Make a conscious effort to consume less meat, sugar, dairy, alcohol.
• Eat no little to none processed food. Make sure consumption of Trans Fat is zero.

Why is it so necessary to be ecological/organically minded?

50 years ago all foods were grown “organic”. In fact the word “organic” was not used. Why? Simply because the soil at that time, had not been tampered with, by using chemical fertilisers, pesticides and hormones. NO microwave cooking. Microwave cooking alters the composition of the food that you eat. Everything was unrefined.

Chickens were left to wander as were cows, eating natural foods and therefore in turn when we ate the animal, we too ate natural produce.

Now the world is full of chemical farming and processed food. Soil and foods have been depleted of minerals and other nutrients.

Ecological/organic farming is sustainable, whilst supporting our beautiful Earth, not to mention tasting better.

It has become a vicious cycle. Spending billions every year cleaning up the damage to the water supply caused by agrochemicals.

Ecological/Organic food is slightly more expensive than the conventional, but these reasons.
• Organic food is limited, compared to demand. That tells its own story! People are simply not getting the message, that is why there is so much obesity, too much of the wrong foods.
• Production costs are higher because of labour intensity.
• Because today organic foods have to have mandatory segregation against conventional produce.

We need to change en masse to ecological/organic products around the world, instead of being indoctrinated by fast food (junk food) that is slowly ruining the health and wellbeing of humanity. The legacy is obesity for the majority, shorter life span.

Embrace a new beginning of health and wellness for everyone.

Author's Bio: 

Nina Bagnall is the author of Looking Good Feeling Great Ladies 50 and over, also writes ebooks and audios for health and wellbeing. Knowledgeable in Natures Cures- Why not get your ‘FREE” consultation now? Her website "Life is a Journey" was created to help, encourage, persuade and enlighten all who visit.
Born and raised in Staffordshire, England. Nina was educated at a private convent school. She is married with two daughters.