A few years back I had a personal trainer and friend named Michael “Choppa” Willis (don’t call him Chopper). He had a unique and colorful way of communicating. At the time I was struggling with severe arthritis in both of my hips.

It was a challenge but we worked around it in the workouts. One day when I was particularly gimpy Choppa asked me what the problem was. I reminded him I had very little cartilage in my hips. He response was simple, “You need more cartilage? EAT MORA DAT!”

I actually tried it. Shark cartilage (it’s really a thing, Google it), chicken cartilage, beef cartilage and… within a year and a half I had bilateral hip replacement surgery. But that’s not the point.

As silly as it may sound, there is profound wisdom in the words, EAT MORA DAT. The positive results, experiences, and feelings in our life can often be traced back to specific actions repeated over time.

When I work with coaching clients they often reveal to me the activities they used to engage in helped to generate positive results. Quite often they are no longer engaging in these activities. My advice? EAT MORA DAT!

Inevitably somewhere along the way we tend to stop doing what gets us the experience of life that we really want. And then we wonder why the experience of life that we want goes away.

We seem to have a mechanism that kicks in when things get better or comfortable. When we get a desired outcome the actions that got us there seem to be no longer needed. But eventually the desired outcome dissipates as well.

Why do we do this? I believe there are three major reasons.

1. Life gets good enough. Oftentimes we make shifts in our life out of pain. When that pain goes away through our actions, or becomes bearable again, the stimulus may become far less effective.

2. Lack of awareness. We tend to displace what created the positive result in our lives passing it off to luck, coincidence or an astral alignment. Our own power in the matter is often dismissed, denied, or discounted.

3. Other priorities emerge. A baby is born, an emergency at work, Christmas is coming up… somehow our own well-being is now less important.

“…all the great teachers throughout the history of our species have really taught one thing over and over, in whatever language, at whatever time. All have said, simply, Give up weak attractors for strong attractors. David R Hawkins, Power versus Force

What are the actions that brought you more peace in your life? EAT MORA DAT! What are the actions that brought you more new business? EAT MORA DAT! What are the actions that created more intimacy with your loved ones? EAT MORA DAT! What were you doing when you were in the best shape of your life? EAT MORA DAT!

Author's Bio: 

I work with sales leaders and their teams to reclaim their focus, avoid burnout and move the needle in sales and other critical measures.

I have dedicated my life to studying and teaching the pathways to our greatest potential. In my 20's I was one of the youngest general agents for AEGON. What I enjoyed most about it was the personal growth I experienced and contributing to the growth of others. I began the journey into personal and professional development as a full time profession in 1994 and I have been in it ever since.

I am a catalyst for change. Although people have referred to me as a motivational speaker for over two and a half decades, I've never been entirely comfortable with the label. It doesn’t take motivation to change your life. Your life can move in a positive direction when you are unmotivated, uninspired and have a bad attitude.

Choice supersedes all of the above. Positive change begins with a positive choice. Choice is independent of motivation and is not determined by the past or the future. Choice is available to us right now, and right now, and right now... One simple choice can change the course of your life. I wrote a little book about this called The Ripple Effect.

I believe we are here to serve the greatest good and to strive daily to reach our God-given potential.