Generally recognized rules of weight loss says: Consume fewer calories than required by the body for maintaining of current weight, and you will lose extra pounds. However, according to statistics, only 11% of Americans correctly estimate their daily caloric needs. Others tend to overestimate it, and this prevents people to part with pounds.

Let's say you believe, substituting 2000 kcal per day, you will be able to lose weight until the desired degree, but you really need for that 1800 kcal. Those extra 200 calories is enough for that, when you still have the extra 10 kg!

Determine how many calories you need daily, and strictly hold your rules.

To do this you need to know your weight and height, age and level of physical electrical activity.

Divide your daily calories at meals: determine how much to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plan and lungs peroxide raw - they may be from 3 to 5. Dietitians recommend your calorie daily diet distribute so, 25% - breakfast, 35% - lunch, 15 - Dinner, 35% - snacks.

For example, your maximum - 1800 kcal, then breakfast should be 450 calories, lunch - 630 calories, dinner - 270 calories, and all the snacks - 450 kcal.

Define preferences: if your favorite dish contains - 500 calories, so you can restrict only this dish for breakfast or lunch. And if you replace it with less calories (eg, 300 kcal), you can add to breakfast or lunch fruits or salad.


From the standpoint of a healthy diet is important not only what you put on your plate, but in what quantities. For example, your husband eats for breakfast pancakes with butter and jam, son eats cake, but you prefer a dish of oatmeal, a handful of walnuts, banana and a big glass of fresh juice. Yes, this is extremely useful, but let's counts the calories! Your quite "healthy" breakfast contains about 700 calories, which is more than a third of your daily requirement. Always check serving, even when eating a healthy diet. The best way to monitor the amount eaten - take notes.

By the way, even if you make a note on a napkin that was later thrown out, is already good! The mere fact that you're writing in the amount eaten makes you more aware of what is happening.


Preferring pizza sandwich with turkey, you think that doing the right thing. But it can be self-deception. Say, the sandwich is sometimes served in a bun with cheese and mayonnaise, and in this dish up to 960 calories!

But the two pieces of pepperoni pizza on thin dough have 560 calories. So wrap your sandwich in lettuce instead of bread! Do you think that "healthy" whole wheat bread is more nutritious and have less calories, but in comparison with the salad - not at all. Be interested in calories. Many fast food restaurants (and not only they) are placed in the menu, information about the nutritional value of foods. Look, if there is such information at your favorite fast food or it is hiding from customers.


U.S. scientists have found that overweight people, who prefer the usual eating foods low in fat, consume about twice as many calories. The fact is that the label "contains no fat and sugar" gives green light to overeating. And many low-fat foods contain approximately the same amount of calories (and sometimes even more), that products with normal fat content.

For example: One of the types of oatmeal cookies with raisins contains 107 calories and 9 grams of sugar, while the "lean" version of the same cookie - 106 calories and 14 grams of sugar.

Eat normal foods, but choose smaller portions.

Adore ice cream? Allow yourself a small ball favorite treats. After all, you can not follow the diet for a long time, from which is excluded all your favorite foods.

Life is too short - and sorry to degrade its quality by imposing a ban on the most delicious.


5 useful products to avoid:

1 - Pancakes whole meal. Pancakes made from buckwheat and wheat flour, meal, contain as many calories as all your favorite muffins in butter and milk. To reduce the nutritional value of food, discard oil and preserves.

2 - Soup in a bread casserole. Edible "dishes" adds over 550 calories to your account. The same can be said about the croutons and crackers, submitted to the soup: a handful of crackers - about 100 extra calories.

3 - Vegetable Casserole. (or closed pizza, pie fillings) contains about the same calories as chicken and casserole. Most often high in calories provides cheese, so ask to cook for you this dish with a half servings of cheese.

4 - Sandwich with fish. Even without the sauce, bread with fish in the fast-food restaurants contains more calories than a cheeseburger with bacon.

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