Life is busy for all of us and there is nothing that suffers more from a busy lifestyle than our nutrition. However, if we are prepared and plan ahead, eating does not have to be difficult.

Remember that skipping meals is never a good decision. It will only lead to over-eating at your next meal, so be prepared. If you know you are not going to be home or in your usual environment, plan ahead. Pack a meal the night before or first thing in the morning so that you can “grab and go.” Then when you feel hungry, instead of making a poor decision because you have no other choice, you have a great meal or snack at your fingertips.

Most healthy foods are very easy to prepare. I like to think of healthy as “whole.” For instance, an apple, a small handful of almonds and a hardboiled egg are “whole” foods that are not processed in any way plus they make a great quick and healthy snack on the go. Hardboiled eggs can be made well ahead of time and kept in the refrigerator for up to one week.

Be prepared for the situations you cannot control. I carry Fubars (all-organic food bars), with me at all times. That way, if I am stuck in traffic, sitting on an airplane, or if I am hungry during practice, I can still fuel up with something healthy. I keep bars in my purse, workout bag, and in my car so that I am not caught off-guard. If I eat one, I will replace it immediately so that it is there for the next time I need it.

Some of my favorite on-the-go snacks include Fubars, apples, bananas, almonds, carrots, celery, and cherry or grape tomatoes. I always have peeled and cleaned carrots in my refrigerator so that I can snack on them if I feel like it. Be cautious of foods made with ingredients that you cannot pronounce or if you have no idea what the ingredient is because chances are that it is not good for you. I stay away from those foods and stick with what I call “real” foods.

Eating right is such an important part of our health that it deserves just as much attention and dedication as we give to our workouts. A busy schedule is not a good excuse for poor nutrition. Take the time to plan out healthy meals and snacks, especially when you know you are really busy. Your body will thank you for it! Check out for more advice from out FireStarters and a wide selection of women's yoga clothes

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