All the Great Teachers Ate Very Simple Meals

These days people are consuming all kinds of delicacies, they allow their taste buds to rule their life.

But Eating Simply Creates Peace

All the great teachers who have come before… all ate very simple meals.

Jesus ate bread, wine, fruits, and more

Buddha ate rice and veggies

John the Baptist only ate a few plants, nuts, and seeds

Jesus’s Brother James ate plants, grains, nuts, and some seeds

Sai Baba ate very simple meals of plants, fruits, grains

In general, some people only think about their next meal… only what they are going to eat next.

Thus they are slaves to their taste buds.

Eat simple meals as much as possible… fresh fruits and veggies are great.

Don’t be a slave to your senses.

Make your senses behave.

You are to be the master of your life.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider

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