The prostate is an essential organ for men. Most men regard the prostate as their "living gland." A men's prostate is a male urinary organ. In daily life, ignoring it may increase the risk of suffering from prostate disease.

The incidence of Prostatitis is higher and higher, and gradually younger, men must pay attention to this point. And prostatitis will affect fertility and even affect the health of the kidney, for the physical and psychological will have a particular burden.

Prostatitis needs medication. For prostatitis caused by pathogenic bacteria, doctors will choose appropriate antibiotics according to the examination results. If it is nonbacterial prostatitis or the symptoms come back after antibiotics, the curative effect of herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill will be better than antibiotics. Under the action of guiding medication, this patent pill can penetrate the prostate's membrane.

The effective concentration can reach the lesion directly, remove genitourinary tract inflammation from the root, and restore the normal function of the prostate.

Men can also try some foods to protect the prostate.

Corn whisker: Everyone is familiar with corn whisker. Corn is a common grain. Many people ignore corn whiskers. Although corn is a bit ugly, it is the "little enemy" of prostatitis.

If you often drink with corn whiskers in the water at ordinary times, it can effectively dredge the prostate. For men with dysuria, drinking corn whiskers water can help relieve men's troubles caused by prostatitis, and it has a positive health care effect on the human body.

Wax gourd: males can often drink some wax gourd soup or eat some wax gourd. Because wax gourd is a green vegetable and it can help men detoxification diuresis. Wax gourd can also replenish water for the body, speed up the body's circulation, and reduce the kidney's burden. Kidney and reproductive organs are also linked together.

If the urine increases, the body will discharge the toxins and garbage in the prostate, reducing inflammation. Therefore, to maintain their health and make their prostate stronger and stronger, they can often eat some wax gourd in peacetime.

Balsam pear: male friends in daily life can often eat some balsam pear. Although balsam pear tastes a little bitter, it is conducive to the normal development of various body organs for clearing fire.

Some people may not like to eat bitter gourd in life. They can choose cold mixed bitter gourd or fried bitter gourd, which can reduce the bitter taste of bitter gourd and is conducive to health. If they often eat a little bitter gourd, it will help to protect the prostate.

Cauliflower: Cauliflower is a common vegetable. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, and cauliflower contains vitamin C is also very high. If people often eat cauliflower, it can effectively supplement vitamin C, protein, and trace elements needed by the human body.

And cauliflower can also play the role of anti-cancer. In daily life, men often eat cauliflower can effectively improve the cellular immune system and help activate carcinogen enzymes. It plays the role of preventing prostate cancer, also known as the enemy of prostatitis. It helps your health. Your body will appreciate you if you eat it more.

Tomatoes: tomatoes are men's prostate umbrella. Tomatoes are very rich in vitamins. Eating it more can effectively help supplement nutrients. And tomatoes contain carotene, which can play a kidney diuretic effect, known as the prostatitis enemy.

Moreover, tomatoes' antioxidant capacity is also powerful, helping eliminate free radicals, reduce toxins and garbage in the blood, prevent arteriosclerosis, and prevent cardiovascular disease. Your body may appreciate it.

If men want to prevent prostatitis, they should also exercise more, avoid holding urination, and stick to bed early and get up early, etc., to help improve the physical quality and prevent the occurrence of diseases.

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