When it comes to your heart health and reducing your risk of getting cardiovascular disease (CVD), it may be as easy as what you eat. In fact, new research suggests by incorporating whole grains into your diet, you’re highly benefiting your heart.

According to research by the Harvard School of Public Health – published in JAMA Internal Medicine – eating more whole grains just might reduce the number of deaths in the United States, especially those resulting from CVD.

Found in foods like whole-wheat flour, brown rice, cornmeal, bulgur and oats, whole grains are made up of three elements: The bran layers, germ and what’s called endosperm. While refined grains typically have the bran layers and germ removed, whole grains contain all three elements and are considered healthier, generally speaking.

Whole grains, after all, have been closely associated with reduced blood cholesterol and improved weight maintenance.
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