Have you been avoiding avocados because they’re high in fat? New research shows that you may be missing out on the fruit’s benefits to your cardiovascular health and cholesterol numbers.

In fact, eating an avocado a day, as part of a diet with moderate fat intake, could help lower cholesterol in patients who are obese or overweight. Dietary fat – the good kind – is an important part of your diet, making the versatile avocado a superfood you shouldn’t overlook.

Have you tried slicing some avocado onto a salad or spreading it on whole-grain bread for a sandwich topping? Delicious!

Avocados are healthy, after all…

Avocados have long had a reputation as a dietary “no-no” because of their high fat content. But most of that fat is monounsaturated, a “good fat” that lowers the levels of cholesterol in the blood and cuts the risk of cardiovascular disease.
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