Intake of a healthy diet can sync both your over health and oral hygiene health. One should follow these healthy eating habits guidelines to keep your dental health in check.

Poor nutrition affects the working immune system, this leads to being susceptible to many disorders. People with a weak immune system have shown a higher risk of periodontal diseases and problems. Many types of research have shown the link between oral health and various systemic conditions, like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. So opting for a variety of healthy foods and a well-balanced diet can improve your overall dental health. It is important to always be in touch with your family dentist to know about your dental status and fundamentals in taking care of your teeth and procedures for its maintenance. Caring about your oral health means you must devour more of calcium, vitamin C and phosphorus-rich food; calcium to make the teeth and bones stronger, vitamin C for gum health, and phosphorous, again for stronger teeth.

Knowledge about which food items contain these nutrients may not be perceived by many. The below-given guide will help you out to identify.

Food items that you should eat

You must include the following items to take care of your teeth:

Water: A proper intake of water is the most utmost care you can give your body. Along with providing a lot of other benefits, it also helps to clean your teeth. Water washes away food particles from your mouth, yet sustaining a high saliva level that further helps to eliminate the acid build-up. The proteins and minerals comprised saliva moreover avoid cavities and keep them away.

Cheese: This dairy product is a load of proteins and calcium, which helps in strengthening tooth enamel. It is also a belief that chewing cheese helps in the creation of saliva. Moreover, a study has found that consuming it raises the pH level and lowers the risk of tooth decay. So if you are a fan of cheesy food, order the one stuffed with double cheese, but yes always keep a check of its daily recommended amount.

Green Tea: Green tea is getting identified as a healing beverage, and the health benefits are getting recognized worldwide. Sipping green tea means you are intaking powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants fight with germs and diseases, protect teeth from plaque, prevents tooth decay and even fortifies enamel.

Carrot sticks: Are you aware that chewing raw carrot helps in strengthening your teeth? Munching carrots can do wonder to your teeth by intruding plaque and acting as cleansers for the teeth and gums.

Yogurt: Yogurt, being a dairy product, is a pack of proteins and calcium, that is beneficial for your teeth. Also, the healthy bacteria found in yogurt benefits your gums standing as a hindrance to the bacteria causing cavities.

Apples: Though a sweet fruit, apple is a bundle of fibre and water. Chewing apple develops saliva that helps in rinsing away the bacteria and food particles present in your mouth. Other add-on benefits include stimulation of gums and aid in scrubbing mouth.

Leafy vegetables: The fibre content in spinach and other leafy vegetables is excellent for your teeth as it promotes oral health by cleaning and rinsing your teeth, also by building tooth enamel. The low-calorie greens contain folic acid and many other nutrients helpful for your body and can probably treat gum disease in pregnant women.

Almonds: The low sugar dry fruit is a good source of calcium and protein, yielding a good impact on your teeth. So, try having a handful of almonds in the morning with breakfast or with salad.

Celery: Being a good source of vitamins A and C, celery gives a boost to the health of your teeth. The watery and bland vegetable brushes away the bacteria and food particles from your teeth.

Take home message

As it is essential to know what to eat, we must also know what not to eat. Sour candies, carbonated drinks, alcohol, potato chips, sticky food items, ice, bread and even consuming too much of citrus fruits, is what you must not include in your diet, else it may lead to oral problems. If you are already suffering from any such problems, visit a family dentist Roanoke VA and get it treated.

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