Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique that you can use effectively to create a listing of your product in eBay business platform for better traffic. The best eBay Business listing should basically include -writing good content, smart keyword placement on your pages, and exact inbound links.

Ebay Virtual Office Assistants shares 5 effective steps for optimized listings of your product in eBay. Simply follow these principles and start selling more!

Step 1- Use Relevant Keywords:
Choose up to four or five keywords that should describe or relate to your product. Repeat them frequently in your title. Make sure your keywords are as simple as they can so that it may grab the attention of buyers. For e.g. if you are selling a ring, use the keywords rings, jewelry, ear rings, bangles, and bracelet, in the title to catch different buyer searches. Focusing on keywords that are related to your product is a good SEO practice as it tells the buyer what to expect in the listing page and thus you get better conversions.

Step 2- Give Concise Description:

Make your product descriptions short and simple while you focus on your keywords. Your ebay listing should contain 200 words of text. Repeat the keywords 10-14 times in your product description. Short and clear descriptions not only pave the way for a good SEO but also increase your sale. If you do not have the time and expertise to do keyword research and then write effective descriptions, then we suggest that you hire an ebay Virtual Office Assistant who can write an effective SEO descriptions for your ebay business.

Step 3- Include Quality Images:

Make sure that you include ideal and quality images in your product listing. While using images, include Alt Tags. An alt tag is text associated with images that is viewable by crawlers. Name your images with appropriate keywords. Here is the link to get more idea about adding effective picture to your ebay listing. This would help buyers to get another chance of looking your page that in turn leads to a profitable business.

Step 4- Use About Me Page:

Use About me page to provide clear information about your business and products. Remember to include text links to your Store, search results and specific promotions in your About Me page. Also include keywords as it would get indexed in SEO.
Make sure that you link not only to your home page, but to other pages within your store. You can provide free blogs on your "About me" page, as these would drive traffic from both search engines and readers of the blogs. These are called deep links, which is important for your overall eBay business SEO.

Step 5- Include keywords in URL's:

Always include keywords in your URL strings, and place the most important keywords at the beginning of the URL. Also include keywords in page titles, Meta descriptions and Meta keywords for each of your web page.
The page title appears at the top of the web page. If your page is indexed, your page title will appear first for your listing in the search engine's search results. The Meta description is 20-30 words that says what your page is about, and is presented below the page title in search engines' search results.
Meta Keywords helps the search engines know what keywords to associate with your page. The keywords you use should be relevant to the page you are optimizing. Meta keywords can be seen only in the source code of a page.


Make your listings available to search engines and eBay business listing sites. This is the most important thing for a good SEO. With the right search engine optimization, you can achieve more profit. Follow these simple steps that are shared by our Qualified Ebay Virtual Office Assistant to increase your sales, your traffic, and your exposure in eBay business platform.

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