“… dissecting. analyzing. labeling. attempting to explain. attempting to control. to master. to understand…i want to experience something, and not immediately set off to put it into a neat folder somewhere in the vault of my perceptions… i have to stop trying to understand myself. and just be myself.” – Excerpt from Journaling 9/13/2006



of, relating to, or proceeding directly from God or a god

Whenever we decide that we are not fulfilling our spiritual potential, we set a wall between ourselves and the reality of our divinity. This wall does not negate the Truth of our Divinity, but merely clouds our perception of its permanence. For there is no moment, incarnate or otherwise, when we as sparks of all that IS, could ever be separated from our divine natures, or find ourselves living anything less than a ‘spiritual’ life.

Sometimes we tell ourselves that our behaviors are unacceptable. That our reactions, or our difficulty ascertaining intuitive guidance is a lack of fulfillment of our capacity. But how could we ever, truly, be lacking presence in any portion of our capacity. Our capacity for divine expression is as ever expanding as the Multiverse itself. There is no version of God, no theory, no explanation, that reaches far enough into the nooks and crannies of possibility to be as ‘enough’ as we expect ourselves to be.

If we cannot even begin to define divinity itself in a succinct and complete way, leaving always room for improvement, building upon, expansion and exploration of… then how could we ever think to expect ourselves to have reached capacity- enough to give ourselves the credit we keep ever waiting over the horizon.

The truth is that in every moment, in every experience, we ARE fulfilling our capacity for divine self expression, because that is where we are when it happens. If we were able or meant to be anywhere other than that exact space, at that exact time, that is where we would be rather than where we ARE.

Imagine if the Universe were to think upon itself in the same judgmental manner that we treat ourselves. Thinking that one day, outside of the present, in the future, or perhaps in the past… then the Universe would reach its potential. Then it would be fully itself. But we read something like this and we think, “Outrageous. The Universe is complete in every moment. It is the Source from which we spring, it is the moment itself, how could it ever be anything other than complete?”

How then, could we?

A hologram exists as a collection of its entirety. There is no part that is not fulfilling its potential, because within that part lies the fullness of the whole. Divine expression is not limited to some imaginary point within a spectrum of possibility. It IS the spectrum of possibility. And it is our judgement that gives it rank along the way.

The rainbow does not look upon itself and think, “I like this color more than that color.” Or, “I could have shined brighter today.” A rainbow simply shows up, as it is, rain or shine, existing in a multitude of places… sometimes where you least expect it, and not always where you think it “should” be.

A rainbow in the parking lot is still a rainbow. It is still reaching into the depths of its potential to show up as fully itself as it can be in that moment. Just as much as the double rainbow on the mountain top finds itself reflecting the light cast upon it. There is no difference. The circumstance is entirely circumstantial. The heart of the rainbow knows that it is divine. There is nothing that can keep it from expressing its current portion of self-ness… even if the world around it calls it less-than.

We are NEVER less-than. We are always rainbows shining fully and gloriously in the moments that we find ourselves, and in every moment before and every moment after- we will shine as divinely as any other. The spark of divinity within each of us is incomparable. There is NOTHING that can cloud or diminish it.

Just as the Universe will continue its expansion through the cosmic tide of eternity, so shall our souls continue their journey through the dance that is Creation. We will forever be exactly where we are. The Universe will eternally be mirroring our very presence. And it is up to us to decide if when we gaze up at the stars, or look into a rainbow… do we see the reflection of our divine self, as perfect as the imperfection of the multidimensional tide we flow within. Or do we judge ourselves as other-than, and find a wall erected where our fullness resides.

“I give thanks that the walls of Jericho fall down and all lack, limitation and failure are wiped out of my consciousness.”- Florence Scovel Shinn

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In this very moment, I am enough.

by. Rachael Ehrlund

Author's Bio: 

Rachael Ehrlund is an artist and spiritual intuitive, devoted to helping others on their journey to self discovery. She grew up fascinated with diverse cultures and religions, including her own Cherokee, Celtic and Jewish heritage. She has always been extremely sensitive to her environment, and spent much of her childhood in doctor’s offices before discovering a holistic lifestyle. As an adult, she began to actively practice shamanic dreamwork and divination, and considers herself a student of spirituality, philosophy and observation of the human experience. She is particularly interested in the relationship between metaphysical phenomenon and mainstream psychology, as well as overstimulation and sensitivity in gifted children. Her other passions include organic heirloom gardening, nutrition, and ecological sustainability, and she and her husband plan to start a CSA in the spring.

She is currently working on her first book, an inspirational memoir for young adults.

*Rachael is the reincarnated sister of Edgar Cayce, and is married to her soul mate, the reincarnation of Cayce's grandfather.