Writing an ebook or creating an ecourse is an easy way to make big money on the Internet. Imagine selling an ebook over and over with no cost of goods sold. What that means is there is no shipping, printing or storage space involved as with a physical book. The customer can get their product delivered instantly to their email box in a matter of minutes of their purchase. For the author, it is just a file that can be delivered again and again with no large outlay of cash. For the beginning author or Internet marketer, this is an effective and inexpensive way to share their expertise and information with the world.
Ebooks can work for you well after the sale too. In .PDF files, the general way that ebooks are delivered, you can leave clickable links to websites in the pages of the book. This is a way to send traffic to your sites and blogs after the ebook has been purchased resulting in additional income and exposure.
Ecourses are a valuable Internet marketing strategy as well. They deliver content on an ongoing basis that keeps your customers engaged in your business. Think of the perceived value of a technical course or information training that you can send to your customers that won't cost you a dime. Savvy marketers attach additional links to products and services at the end of each course installment that gets mailed out. And information training can be highly profitable! You are the expert in your field. You can charge very high amounts of money for specialized training that your customers may not be able to get anywhere else. Instead of having people attend an expensive and high tuition school, they can have the ease of studying the material at home, when they want.
Ebooks and ecourses can be easily delivered by an autoresponder. This is an automatic email program that sends an instant email to anyone that purchases a product or subscribes to a newsletter. This makes it easy on the website owner. You don't have to be physically present at all times for customers to get their products or training.
Imagine how ebooks can work for your business. Imagine writing a book once and getting paid over and over again with no printing or shipping costs!

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Alka Dalal, MA. , MS., (NYU and Rutgers University) with many years of corporate experience, founded i-Speak Consulting to enable individuals to take a pro-active approach in being effective communicators in the workplace. She has enjoyed success with different careers, family life and business. She is thrilled to share the stories of her struggles and triumphs in spite of adversities with others, to help them build their dreams and succeed in their own ways and finding their own creativity.She draws upon her vast experience to provide valuable tips on how to succeed in today’s economy using great tool called Internet Marketing.