The magnificent seat of the old Nizams, Hyderabad today is a modern, energetic place that can sometimes leave residents breathless. Luckily, this well-connected city can be a fantastic base for journeys into the hinterland where pleasant surprises await the adventurous traveller. With a choice of top car rentals in Hyderabad, a trip can be planned in mere minutes. Here are some of the eclectic destinations that one can enjoy on a road trip from Hyderabad.

The Crisp Air of Lambasingi

Tucked in the Eastern Ghats, Lambasingi is a far cry from the heat of the plateau. The 600-km journey from Hyderabad involves a route that twists into the low mountains, and in most seasons, visitors will be flanked by mist as they reach the destination. Lambasingi is known for its frosty winter climes and has earned the nickname – Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh. Treks and hikes through the undulating landscape are recommended. Campfires are a great way to spend the evening while there are numerous waterfalls in the surrounding forests.

Explore Warangal’s Ancient Sites

Just a 150-km drive from Hyderabad, one can visit the magnificent cultural sites of Warangal. This was where the Kakatiya dynasty ruled between the 12th and 14th centuries and many glorious remnants of their architecture stand till today. One of these is the Thousand-Pillar Temple, famous for its carved pillars and walls and sculptures spread around the complex. The Kakatiya Kala Thoranam can be considered the representative image of Warangal’s rich culture. The gate is part of the larger Warangal Fort complex. The Kush Mahal is another highlight of the Warangal Fort along with scattered rock carvings and pillared mandapas.

Beaches and Landmarks of Vizag

Vizag is a booming port city, flanked by mountains on one side and the waters of the Bay of Bengal on its eastern border. Visitors can catch spellbinding views of the city and the coastline from the surrounding hills, especially from the Galikonda Viewpoint. The city boasts many beaches, perfect for an evening stroll. Some of the famous ones are Ramakrishna Beach and Rushikonda Beach. The latter is the recommended hub for those who want to enjoy some jet-skiing.

INS Kursura is one of the most unique museums in India. It is housed in a submarine, inviting guests to see up close the inner workings of these naval vessels. Another popular landmark in Vizag is the local zoo, the third biggest in India and home to rare species including exotic species like the hippopotamus and jaguar.

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From the dramatic coasts to verdant hills, Andhra and Telangana offer a bouquet of experiences for those who love exploring. Get behind the wheel, say hello to the highway, and have an unforgettable trip.

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