Energy is an integral part for living kingdom. It is hugely used by human beings in different ways. Our muscle including our common sense like seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching work properly through different kinds of energies. It does not only maintain our body but also keep away from various dangerous diseases. A large number of ailments produce from our environment. Today, we are polluting the surroundings. This is a big problem for our society that there is the greatest impact on the environment of any human activity. We have various environmental problems which is associated with extraction, transport or noxious emissions. These are widening in all corner of the world. Thus, we are facing a number of regional and global issues in these days. Environmental issues directly and indirectly impact of energy acquisition, transport, production and use.

These days, Energy and environmental issues have now become major debate in the world. That is why, there is a need for a mass media so that they can raise and encourage people to save our precious environment. Now, we have a large number of newspapers, journals and magazines. All means of mass communication educate us how to save our surroundings. The exclusive objective of mass media is to cover the social, economic and political dimensions of such issues at local, national and international level. Environment magazines are publishing various topics on our planet and our Ecology and Environment. They provide more information about Environmental Issues and to share ideas and resources so that readers can survive more sustainable lives and connect with ongoing efforts for change. They cover everything related environment from the big issues like climate change, renewable energy and toxins and health, to the topics that directly impact our daily lives. In India, many Environment Magazines publish various Environment News Articles and cover major milieu stories and relevant topics. These articles reveal that how to save our planet and stay healthy, how to invest our responsibility and how to save ecology and energy.

Mass media have been reporting on Environment Issues from different parts of the world. We have a number of problems who are affecting our life for instance, Climate change, Global warming, pollution etc. Now, All experienced environmental journalists provide weekly insight and legal campaigns to watch, the latest in environmental art and eco-documentaries, how to avoid toxins in the home, just-launched renewable energy innovations, the coming impact of electric cars, the adventures of eating locally and much more. Environment News Articles will not only offer exclusive contents but also additional photos, related videos and timely updates.

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