Businesses often make the mistake of separating the technical aspect of e-commerce website development and branding, when in fact the two should be inseparable. You may even consider web design and branding push as analogous to the classic chicken and egg situation. While you are not sure where the other one ends and the other begins, both elements are part the cyclical process. One can’t succeed without the other. Your e-commerce site should help market your brand, while your brand will help saleability of the products in your site.

Value proposition

A retail shop with no display window might encounter a difficult time attracting new customers, unless you have already developed a strong following through word-of-mouth advertising. When setting up shop, location is everything and that will determine how much you will spend on rent, which will impact on profits, and how many walk-in customers can you expect with the strategic site of your business.

It’s the same with your Ecommerce Website Development; you should be expected to invest heavily in making sure that its design will perfectly describe what your brand and company is all about. You have to offer a value proposition to attract new customers or build loyalty of repeat customers.

Small window of opportunity

Unlike in a traditional shop where you have your sales representatives with you, with e-commerce website development, your pages are considered as your collective sales pitch. You are allowed to make one first impression and you have only 10 seconds to do so. There are no do-over because once the visitor logs out and visits a competing brand, that’s already a potential customer that you lost. So will you really entrust this crucial task to a developer or designer who has no concept about brand development, optimization and the technical aspects of e-retail? Will saving a few dollars in the short-term be more important than investing a few dollars more for a long-term endeavour?

All starts with the product

Of course, everything begins and ends with the product. A good e-commerce website development, even with the right infrastructure and optimisation, can only do so much. It might succeed in bringing visitors to your site but when your product does not offer a unique value, it’s very difficult to expect repeat visits. To the mind of a typical consumer, the equation is simple: bad site + bad product = bad brand. And it’s very hard to correct that negative perception once the judgment is made.

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