Information has great demand. People pay huge amount of money to get access of data to extract valuable information. In Economy terms also data and information play an important role. To get information at various levels, various surveys are undertaken. Result of these surveys are analyzed and cataloged to see any pattern. Detection of pattern helps in making strong decisions and recommendations. In this world of Information Technology, Business News and Economic News rely a great deal on this kind of research services for their growth. India, being the hub of IT services, attracts businesses from all corners of world. Global Presence of India is a corollary of IT only. Even Global Economic News acknowledges India as it stands.

News: Face of Journalism
Whatever we see in news is what served for us to know. We know journalism only in form of news we get. Verity of news is enforced by facts and figures. Else, news is as good as unreported incidents. In case of Economic News of country, the worry goes deeper. Sitting on our couches, could we fathom the impact of recession of America (without data) on the other countries of the world? Most probable answer is “no”.
Business news tells us about individual profit or loss of a company but what more is there to read is read only by a proper system of research. Bigger picture is impossible to catch from a single point of view. This situation highlights the importance of IT and Research and how businesses can reap benefit from these researches. Global Economic News summarizes the ups and downs of important economies of world and how their profit and loss both can impact rest of the world. They are also led by data and information.
It wouldn’t be wrong to say that real happenings are just “facts and figures” away from us.

Data Analysis: Spine of Economies of world
As the story unwinds the thrill must augment in order to end it on positive note. How true, even in case of economies of world! Global Economic News has reports of better health of economies by taking proper hold on situations facilitated by the research and analysis. Businesses did better under the influence of recovering economy. Business news channels have reported the improving health as indicated by stock market around the world. We can hence deduce the importance of Data Analysis in forecasting and proving solutions to sickness of economy. It is written all over the Economic News confirmed by past instances. One more way to stand and act together with IT!

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