The greatest challenge of a spiritual life we were told was to transcend the body and of sexuality. To fully inhabit our bodies –vulnerable, sensitive, and flawed as they are – takes a thousand times more courage than transcending them. The body is a condensation of spiritual presence and provides the field within which our spiritual experience unfolds. Ecstasy too is experienced in and through the body. The path of making love with life requires us to inhabit our bodies fully. Your body knows what ecstasy feels like and how to get to it. It longs for ecstasy and grieves when your mind becomes so attached to control that it can not surrender to magic, playfulness, and delight.
To open to God the lover is to open to the spirit of erotic pleasure and sensual enjoyment. How do we receive pleasure? The key to receiving pleasure are being fully present and breathing.
We are used to having a specific object to love- a person, an animal, a thing. How can we make love with something that is by definition no-thing- vast and undefinable? A lover in the spiritual sense is someone who is personal with God, personal with being, with essence. The only way you could be personal with God is through love- by being a lover. Love makes this possible. You can be completely in love with the universal, with everything, with the totality. Then you are a true lover.

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I teach and help people heal issues around sexuality and become more embodied. To this end, I studied Hakomi, or "Body-centered Psychotherapy." I later pursued certification as a Sacred Intimate and Tantrica. Then I went on to get certified as a Sexological Body Worker. Meanwhile I was introduced to David Deida's teachings. His work struck a cord of resonance within me. It gave me a foundation for understanding the masculine and feminine dance. I studied with Jack Painter who created Pelvic Heart Integration. I am a massage therapist and Shamanic Prietess.