Learning has been made in to a fun process today, due to the advancement of technology. Software engineers have developed applications that allow the user to interact with the virtual environment, which is much more exciting than real classroom teaching. Gaining knowledge through applications that can be downloaded to mobile phones, net books and tablet PCs, is known as mobile learning.

There are many different advantages of engaging users through m-learning software. Mobile phones are commonly used by most individuals to access education. These devices are also easy to carry from one place to another, enabling access of learning applications while being on the move. Learning without being stationary is the biggest advantage of mobile learning.

For the spread of education, geographical areas no longer are a hindrance, as e-learning solutions can be accessed from any part of the world. A virtual classroom can be set up on the Web, where different students can log in at a particular time and engage in active learning through various course modules. This also promotes collaborative learning, since users contribute with different ideas and learn from each other. Collaborative learning, also known as social learning, can be used in the workplace to coordinate brainstorming sessions, which would also contribute to the welfare of the organization.

The form of education that can be imparted through online environments using different kinds of software is known as e-learning. Currently there are many different e-learning companies in the market which provide computer-based learning software. Care must be taken to use the software developed by reputed e-learning companies, that can also provide testimonials of some well known clients,

E-learning can be used for training in a variety of industries, such as banking and finance, software, and life sciences. Training through software is less time consuming and cost effective, due to which it is commonly used for organizations that need to meet stiff targets.

The advancements made in e-learning can be tracked and evaluated through a Learning Management System. This system helps understand the progress of each individual learner, so that appropriate feedback can be provided. It is also possible for trainers to conduct a skill gap analysis, to understand the difference between learning and acquired skills.

Many educational games are developed by e-learning companies, that allow users to compete against each other, by devising different strategies. This makes individuals think in an innovative fashion to accomplish game objectives. Innovative thinking is the backbone for any successful manager, and this form of learning is known as game based learning.

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Gireesh Sharma is an author writing on Human Resource Management. His expertise includes M-learning, Mobile learning and other Learning & Development matters such as game based learning.