When the education systems all across the world evolved and moved toward offering more progressive education solutions, it turns out that most parts of the African continent, especially sub-Saharan regions are still struggling to get basic access to primary education right, let alone higher education; indeed a discussion for another time. We can get an idea about the worsening state of education in Africa with each passing with the UIS data, which states that:

Over one-fifth of children between the ages 6-11 and 60% of the youth in Sub-Saharan Africa, aged between 15-17, are out of school, making Africa the only region in the world having the highest rate of educational exclusion.

Despite the success in the current landscape of primary education in Africa, which is recording some highest school enrollment rates (above 80%) globally, the disparities and system inefficiencies in the African education system still top the charts.

In this blog, we will walk you through the deteriorated cycle of education in Africa and how efficient education management can improve the state of its education system. But before we begin with the solution, let's dig deeper into the problems and take an in-depth view of the African education system.

Why Africa is undergoing huge education disparities: Challenges & Solutions

As Africa continues to encounter educational setbacks, unemployment, and severe poverty, the need of the hour is to examine the prime barriers impacting education in Africa and what can be done or undone to solve this educational crisis.

There's no direct or simple answer to what is that one factor that primarily drives the extremely poor state of education in Africa but there are several interconnected reasons that contribute to the educational crisis.

The underdevelopment, lack of resources, over-burdened school systems, unemployment, and slowly growing infrastructure are some of the many reasons that are together contributing to the low education system in Africa. This is due to overpopulation, poverty, and nourishment why these students are forced to live on the edge that pushes them into the pit of the low-skilled labor force. And this yet again leads them to the unending cycle.

The other contributing factor is the poorly trained and underpaid teachers leading to teacher absenteeism. Because of which the quality of education received is too low to be even considered as substandard.

We see hundreds of setbacks and challenges in Africa's education management but what is the solution that can improve the quality of education in this continent? Here are few ways to innovate and fix the education system in Africa.

Redefining the education in Africa through effective education management

Even though Africa has witnessed huge economic growth over the past few years, losing focus on the dire education system could reverse the situation in a go. Resolving the educational crisis in Africa requires a new educational model comprised of affordable and effective education solutions, and global leaders who can solve old problems with new yet broad perspectives.

Learning from the history of India's education system can be beneficial. By creating skilled trainers and visionary leaders, other developing countries like India raised the standards of the education system and bridged skill gaps.

Developing informed educational leaders who can work under one ultimate vision of improving the academic picture of Africa should be the first step towards reshaping education in Africa.

But without the right education solutions, training, and financial support, this can't be done. Thus, secondly, investment sources must be sought, and those willing to make educational investments must focus on leadership programs to create effective leaders.

Harnessing the latest educational technologies like distance learning into Africa's education system can reinvent and improve the quality and accessibility of education throughout Africa.

To conclude, we would say that when the present is bleak, change can be the agent of progress and development.

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