Nowadays it’s so much possible to choose the best education institute according to student’s caliber and interest. Almost all the schools and colleges have maintained their internet websites, which very easily and conveniently delivers all the needed information to the students/parents or guardians. One can easily download the school enrollment form or can submit their online application form as well as can transfer the fees online. So you just need to do is to find out the most suitable school for your kid, and for that we are always there to help you chose the best out of the bests.

With the changing education trends of today’s world like online examinations being conducted, audio-visual classes,edu com classes connecting one school to the school overseas, same way the trend of residential boarding schools is becoming more trendy. As these type of education system gives more time to an individual to learn the ethics of outer world or how to deal with the domain which is outside home .These schools provide education as well as residential facility to the students attending residential boarding schools.It’s more like ‘study and stay’. Parents are more opting for this kind of education because it gives their lad an essence of outer world and how to develop the trait of cooperating and working in a team to exist in this type of environment. These schools help its students to learn and develop the trait of self confidence and self dependence. Some of these schools which are present in Pitampura are as below.

  • Genie’s World Play School: Location-CP-Block, Behind Rath Wala Mandir, Pitampura. This well designed residential,english medium school is located in one of the top notch areas of Pitampura.A world class nursery school with world class amenities makes this school more desirable by many students and their parents.
  • Pukie Pie A Play School: Location-ND Bloc, Pitampura.The Pukie Pie School is an English medium school and has a good reputation. The school study syllabus is stress free,and the school involves other co curricular activities in its year planner so as to provide intellectual as well as physically fit environment to the students.
  • P.P International School: The school has an international school environment also students from all rounds the world are admitted here. The comprehensive study system has helped its students to concentrate properly in the studies, for the syllabus is stress free and the education becomes more of a learning process and not a mugging process.
  • Idhanta The Play School: Location-217, Harsh Vihar, Pitampura.
  • M.M Public school: Location-Vasudha Enclave, Pitampura.The school is an English medium school and it is also a coeducational school with residential facilities.
  • Darbari Lal DAV Model School: Location-ND-Block, Pitampura.

Cresent Public School: Location-Saraswati Vihar, Pitampura.One of the eminent schools of Pitampura and is also affiliated with CBSE Board.It is an English medium school and it is also an Coeducational school.

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