Food technology has been growing at a quick pace, having come under the influence of the twin paradigms of the late 20th century, technology and globalization. As populations keep moving from one part of the world to another in the millions; it is natural that they get influenced by the food behavior of the place to which they move, while also bringing their own influences into it.
It is not just with the itinerant population that food service and movement are paired and associated. They have become more pronounced as businesses in food products move their products to many parts of the world. Food produced in China may find its way to a plate in Chile, and Sri Lanka’s cuisine could be popular in Senegal.
While this kind of movement is inevitable and is part of globalization; it has brought with it the imperative for cleanliness and hygiene. These critical aspects of food should not become a casualty to business interests. It is to ensure hygiene at all stages and levels of the food that is consumed all over the world that global and domestic regulatory agencies have come up with many regulations.
A host of regulations
These regulations are meant for implementation at different sources, such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, public transport which moves millions of people from one part of the globe to another, and in every conceivable locale in which food is produced or consumed.
These are just some of the standards that are in place to help bring about standardization in food production and distribution practices:
o Administrators 483.60 Food & Nutrition Services Standard, specific to F361, which requires the facility to employ sufficient staff with the appropriate competencies and skills set
o 483.60 Food & Nutrition Services Standard processes
o Hospital A-0620 Food and Dietetic Services
o HHA, CMS 3819-F Modernization, Continuous Quality Improvements
o CMS Quality Indicator Process for Assistant Living Homes.
Full clarity on the regulations for healthcare food safety
A proper and complete understanding of all these aspects of healthcare frontline food safety will be offered at a webinar that is being organized by MentorHealth, a leading provider of professional trainings for all the areas of regulatory compliance. The speaker at this session, Larry David Bowe is a Principle Consultant- Food Safety Certified Instructor with 36 plus years of experience in Hospitality, Food Safety Management, will offer food safety education, training and tools.
Please enroll for this webinar and gain thorough insights into food safety education and tools.
All aspects of food training
Larry will focus on developing documentation that organizations can deploy. He will explain the kind of vision, mission, and messaging that food departments need to have, as well as how to shape the training, corrective action of staff, and the behaviors of individual food handlers. He will explain the role of food and nutrition staff, and other individuals such as volunteers, in reducing the risk of foodborne outbreaks.
The webinar will also offer effective risk management strategies, and show how to adapt appropriate competencies and skills sets and tools to inculcate the right competencies and skills sets, as well as serving as the effective means of applying these. The training programs, methods and tools will help to correct improper food handling behaviors.
Larry will share tools, tips and resources to promote a cohesive food service and safety plan. He will cover the following areas at this valuable session:
o Slides Presentation for Training Manager to Implementing Staff Training, Tools within department, and across facility
o Online sources
o Actual Training Program, Forms(actual inspector notes/inspection)
o Tools-To-Used in Dining (Food) Service Audit/Survey Process "Readiness" to document, corrective actions, Performance improvement Action Plans, Healthcare Food Setting
o Clear Messaging/Communication/Training for Events.

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