The job of education administrators is to provide instructional leadership at different educational institutions and organizations. These administrators perform their tasks not only in universities and colleges, but they are also hired by businesses, museums and correctional facilities among others. At these organizations, education administrators’ job is to assist the organization in making policies for various educational programs. It is the administrators’ responsibility to set up specific standards for the educational programs businesses, museums and community service organizations may be running. While doing their job, they are in close contact with managers, faculty, librarians, coaches etc. The responsibilities of education administrators include handling relations with parents and students, preparation of budget, training the faculty, management of guidance programs etc. While working at a small organization, a single education administrator may need to perform all the job responsibilities alone. However, at universities and colleges, the administrators are given specific tasks and responsibilities to take care of.

The multi-faceted job of education administrators also include having knowledge about the course curriculum and teaching strategies as well as leading daily operations at universities and colleges. An education administrator’s job demands efficient and effective leaders in terms of setting education standards and policies. In fact, the administrator has to be a visionary so that he may be capable of leading others and sharing their visions.

Education Administrators Career, Training & Qualifications
A 4 year degree is the minimum requirement to kick start career as education administrators. However, landing a job with a 4 year degree alone can prove to be quite competitive. Candidates who aspire to establish their career as education administrator should possess a master’s degree in education administration or a doctoral degree in education administrations. Without a master’s degree or a doctoral degree, it might not be possible to acquire an education administrator’s job unless you take up the position at a private school.

Experience as a teacher or a counselor is a prerequisite to becoming education administrators. Before candidates are promoted to the position of education administrators, they must prove their efficiency and capability in their present jobs. Besides having a master’s degree in education or a doctoral degree, candidates also need to have strong confidence, originality, motivational qualities, strong interpersonal skills, excellent communicative skills etc.

Education Administrator Certification/ License
Requirement of certification for education administrators may vary from state to state. Education administrators in K-12 need to be equipped with a license. Three years of teaching experience and a training program obtained from an accredited university are required to be eligible to receive the certification, awarded by the teacher education commission of a particular state. Depending on the state requirement, the administrator may need to pass the administrator’s test to obtain the license.

Career Outlook & Salary of Administrators
The growth rate of employment for education administrators is expected to grow 12% by the year 2016. More job opportunities will arise in the next 10 years as a huge number of education administrators will get retirement. The average annual salary of college level education administrators can range between $50,000 and $140,595. While doing their job, education administrators get multiple employment benefits like excellent retirement plan, health plan, free tuition for family members, five weeks of paid vacation annually etc.

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