Learning isn’t fun. At least that’s what a lot of kids think. If your children don't want to study because they’d rather do something fun like play games, you might be at a loss as to how to get them off their games. However, there is a workaround solution to your problems. With educational games, you won’t have to worry that your children are just wasting time. However, just because it’s a game, doesn’t mean your kids will like them. You’ll want to explore your options to find games that appeal to them. Then check if these fit your requirements. Here’s a list of some of the best educational games that are engaging enough to get your children’s attention while successfully incorporating educational themes.

The Carmen Sandiego Series

This is a popular series in the 80s and still is today. Your kids will enjoy tracking down the globe-trotting recluse. They’ll get to play detective as they solve a mystery or hunt down Sandiego or another villain all over the world. The game is ideal for elementary and middle-school kids. The series is a wonderful tool for teaching kids about geography and history. It also enhances comprehension, math, and problem-solving skills. Some of the games involve the kids having to place numbered columns in the right order to get to the next stage.


The game is designed to encourage and improve creativity in kids. It also develops vocabulary, reading skills, and comprehension. The kids get written prompts on drawing the characters that they see on the screen. For instance, if a farmer is looking for his cow, it will ask your kids to draw one. The game won’t move to the next stage until the cow is done. When completed, the drawing comes alive and that adds a bit of fun to the game. If your kids are at some of the best Indian kindergarten schools in Dubai, then this game will help them improve their performance at school.

Oregon Trail

The game is highly addictive as it challenges players to survive as they travel the Oregon Trail. Set in the mid-1800s, players travel by covered wagon and encounter difficulties like not having enough supplies, starving or drowning to death. They might also suffer from dysentery in their attempts to guide their family to a new home and start a life in the West. The game has been reinvented for modern screens and offers kids a fun way to learn all about geography, history, and problem-solving as they find out that various actions or choices can lead to long-term consequences.

Crayon Physics

It might seem deceptively simple, but the game asks the players to rely on the principles of physics. They need to guide a ball around obstacles that seem like they’ve been drawn by a kid. Players can use a stylus, a mouse or a trackball to guide the ball in the right direction. When objects are drawn, they affect the ball following the laws of physics. For instance, the ball encounters stairs. It will tumble down each step realistically, which means it will depend a lot on whether there’s any momentum or not. The height and angle will also matter. Kids who play the game learn all about motion and energy as well as gravity and gain a better understanding of how these concepts work and apply to real-life situations. There is also no single right way to clear a level, so kids are free to explore a number of options. The kids will surely be happy with the basic version of the game. If you have older kids, though, they might appreciate taking a look-see at the deluxe version of the game where players can design and share custom levels with the game’s online interactive playground.

SplashLearn Math Games

We know. For a lot of kids, math isn’t fun. But if you use games and you introduce the concepts in ways that are engaging and entertaining, you’ll be surprised at how much your kids might turn out to love math. With a variety of free games that are great for kids in kindergarten up to grade 5 levels, your little ones will have a lot to explore. They certainly won’t be bored.

Dance Mat Typing

You’ll need to get your kids used to the computer as they get older. You can help them perfect their typing skills. This interactive game teaches hand positions and movements as well as tests so they can determine their typing speeds. Fun rewards await the winners at the end of each level, which is sure to get their attention and keep them occupied.

Lifeboat to Mars

This online game creates a vast world of games and missions. They make learning about biology and the environment fun. Kids can control microbes or an animal or plant ecosystem. The instructions also improve the children’s reading comprehension.

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