So, you are alone in the house and you hear some eerie noises coming from the bathroom! We can understand the gulping, shivering, and praying when you assume that there is a ghost in the house. But actually, this is not a ghost in the house, but some urgent issues in your plumbing system asking for help! Phew! Yes, you can heave that sigh of relief and consider calling your plumber immediately after reading this entire post.

Common Plumbing Noises and the Reasons Behind Them!

It’s funny to know that the hammering, thumping, gurgling and whistling sound you hear so clearly in your house actually has its root in your plumbing system. Obviously, you have to call Crawford Plumbing for emergency plumbing in Melbourne. They come immediately the instant you call them and take a look at the entire plumbing system thoroughly to find out the root cause of these voices. After this, they tend to the issue quickly to help you out of the mess. To know more about those noises, keep reading!

1. The drain is gurgling — If your drain gurgles and you hear it clearly, then your drainage is clogged. And since the water gets stopped from flowing freely through this system, it makes the gurgling sound. Naturally, only an expert plumber can clear your drain and help you get rid of this noise and the problem.

2. Banging or hammering — Hammering of water or a clear and loud banging noise from the plumbing system indicates that the water supply in the pipe has stopped very abruptly. This noise also appears when your dishwasher or washing machine gets obstructed in between because of uneven water supply. Your plumber can best point out the reason behind the noise and it’s highly recommended to call them when you hear such noises.

3. Rattling sound — Hearing the rattling sound from the pipes when the water pressure is fast is normal. But when the rattling is loud enough to disturb you, the cause of it isn’t normal. There may be some part of the pipe that is giving away and checking the same without any delay is crucial if you want to prevent bursting of the pipe.

4. Whistling sound — The long and clear or even slight whistling sound coming from your plumbing system is a clear sign that water has stopped flowing through your faucets from the pipes. This often leads to air filling up the faucets and difficulty in proper passing of water later. Ensure to call your plumber when you hear this noise.

5. Screeching noise — The loud and sharp screeching noise coming from the pipes or faucets when you turn them on is a clear sign of problems. There may be a loose part of the faucet or a more serious matter like breaking of pipes due to cold. The issue can grow if you aren’t calling your plumber immediately.

Well, now you know that these signs aren’t ghostly, but some serious issues in your plumbing system. Tackle them before they create more nuisances in your life with the help of an expert plumber.

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