There is a lot of concern about diet and nutrition during pregnancy. One of these concerns is related to artificial sweeteners and pregnancy. One of the most viral questions among women about to be pregnant is- Should these sweeteners be used while undergoing infertility treatments in Delhi?

Artificial sweeteners are ingredients that add sweetness to foods. According to the best IVF doctors in India, using Stevia in limited quantities is considered safe for consumption during pregnancy.

Safety Considerations for Artificial Sweeteners and Pregnancy

1: Women with carbohydrate intolerance such as gestational diabetes, diabetes mellitus, or insulin resistance need to limit their use of sweeteners.

2: Stevia, as said above cannot be considered to be used in the long run, it can cause infertility and especially by lowering blood pressure.

Effects of Stevia on fertility

Stevia has no calories, is natural and can replace sugar. Although its medicinal and sweetening properties are widely known, but we must also not ignore the relation between Stevia consumption (in excess) and sterility, which would cause adverse effects on fertility.

From above discussions, it is clear that Stevia has some adverse effect on the body, but also it is considered safe for consumption if consumed in right amount. Therefore, the best IVF centre in Delhi advises to take into account the recommendations of acceptable daily intake (ADI), which is up to 4 mg/kg of weight/day.

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