A news release can be validly used as a search Engine marketing tool, so that besides aiming at circulating business news, they can help increase traffic and search engine rankings of your website as well. In order to achieve these versatile goals via a pr, some quality input is required in addition to the standard press release writing methodology. Use of "keywords" is one such effective technique.

"Keywords" have to be carefully designed and craftily used in the content. Here is a brief summary of how to extract and use "keywords" in a pr, and what does it help achieve.

- Choose technical and relevant "keywords" from your website content. You can choose words that are used in the title, URL and/or inbound links of your website that most specifically target the content of your website.

- Look for most searched "keywords" on the search engines. Do not target a single search engine for this purpose as different engines have different rankings for different words.

- Don't restrict to extracting a single "keyword", the more diversity you go for, the better chances to land on multiple press release platforms. But do not settle for unnecessary material as quality has more long term effects than quantity.

- Have the "keyword" in your headline as this is the main eye catcher for both journalists and search engines. Then appropriately design the content of your release around it, like using the URL of your website in the contact section of the pr.

- Do not stuff your press release with the extracted "keywords". If you have multiple press releases, target their appropriate usage accordingly. Excess of everything is bad.

- Do not use irrelevant "keywords" just for the sake of having them. Do not compromise on the quality of your pr over it.

- An online press release is meant to be kept live for a certain amount of time on the Internet. With an adequate usage of frequently searched "keywords", it becomes visible on search engines. This gives your news a better chance to be sighted with a greater number of people.

- When a press release is crawled by a search engine, the higher usage of "keywords" makes search engines index it for future live or cached reference giving it a better chance of getting a high page rank.

- When a pr with your website URL gets a higher rank, your website also gets a fortunate chance to get indexed and a achieve a higher page rank, ultimately making not only your business news big, but making your business come in the lime light of the market.

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