Stress is one of the main causes for heart disease, erectile dysfunction, low libido etc. Anything which leads to stress can cause the following effects

1.Difficulty in sleeping: Stress and worry can cause insomnia. Insomnia leads to tiredness and fatigue

2.Indigestion: Stress causes indigestion or stomach upset as it interferes with hormones and nervous system signals that are involved with food digestion.

3.Erectile dysfunction: Stress related to a job, marriage, or finances is a common cause of erection problems. Ongoing stress may result in erectile dysfunction, which in turn increases stress.

4.Low libido: When body is subjected to stress a series of changes occur in it. This is called as fight or flight response. This response releases several hormones. If stress continues, these hormones remain in body for a very long time and they interfere with sexual responses. This leads to low libido or loss of libido.

5.Back pain: There is a strong connection between stress and back pain. Stress causes a release of few stress hormones which increase the sensitivity to pain. These hormones also cause tightening of muscles. Stress makes the muscles to go into painful spasms. Back and neck muscles are very sensitive to stress.

6.Headache: Stress can cause tension headache. Tightening of muscles of face and neck cause tension headache. It is characterized by a dull ache in forehead or back of head and pain in neck and shoulders which travels to head.

7.Heart Disease: Chronic stress leads to persistently increased level of stress hormones. These hormones increase the risk of heart diseases.

8.Hypertension: Rising of blood pressure as a response to stress is often called the fight or flight response. Usually this is temporary and blood pressure returns back to normal as soon as stress is removed. But chronic stress may lead to primary hypertension or high blood pressure.

9.Lower immunity against diseases: Stress increases the stress hormones like Epinephrine and norepinephrine which are the catecholamines . These hormones suppress body immune function. Low immunity increases the risk of genital herpes out- breaks, arthritis, asthma etc.

10.Unhealthy skin: Stress leads to accumulation of toxins in body. This leads to dark circles, acne and pimple break out, wrinkles etc.

Tips to manage stress:

* Identify the factor which is causing stress and find a way to ease it.

* Alcohol or smoking cannot reduce stress. Instead they increase stress.

* Keep few hours for yourself.

* Take a brisk walk for 20 minutes.

* Indulge in your favorite hobbies.

* Yoga and meditation help a lot in reducing stress.

* Massaging your body with herbal oil once in a week is another best way to reduce stress.

* Take a break from regular work to visit friends or places you like.

* Deep breathing exercises for few minutes in between your work help to reduce stress.

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