Trigeminal Neuralgia is a condition that can cause stabbing shocking pains in the face. In some cases, there is inflammation or a tumor placing pressure on nerves. However, many times, modern western medical science finds no apparent reason for the pain. This leaves many people searching for a more effective treatment for trigeminal neuralgia. Fortunately, many are finding help through natural homeopathic forms of care.

Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine that is aimed at treating causes as opposed to symptoms of disease and disorders. When you see a traditional doctor, he or she may prescribe pain or anti inflammatory drugs for your facial pain, if there are no apparent causes. However, this usually treats the symptoms and does very little for the cause. In addition, long term use of pain medications can result in increased dosage and dependence.

Homeopathic philosophy involves the law of similars. This principle teaches that many kinds of disorders or afflictions can be successfully treated with something that is similar. In other words, a patient is given a solution that brings on the same kind of symptoms as the disorder, and this can be used to provide relief.

Homeopathy works on a philosophy that disease and illness can be caused by disturbances or interference with vital or life force. Life force can be described as the energy of life. It exists in all things that are alive and can have powerful influences on the body. However, it is not taken into consideration in traditional Western medicine.

Homeopathy uses solutions known as remedies to treat all kinds of illness. A remedy is a diluted version of a physical substance. Remedies are used in water, as this makes up the majority of the human body. When something like coffee is potentized, it is diluted to a point to where there no longer is any coffee in the mixture. Yet the water retains a memory of coffee.

If a remedy has the memory of coffee, the body reacts in a completely unexpected manner. Ingesting the water can bring on the effects of coffee, without ingesting all of the caffeine. Yet, the body sees this staying awake effort and it compensates for it by making you sleepy.

When it comes to the severe pain of trigeminal neuralgia, homeopathy can be an effective treatment for pain relief. However, homeopathy and traditional medicine can be combined to create a permanent solution to facial pain. You can purchase remedy kits online, and some come with a satisfaction guarantee. This means that you take no risks when you try them.

In summary, western medical treatment for trigeminal neuralgia involves the use of medications which only treat the symptoms of pain. Natural therapies like homeopathy are directed at the cause and use the law of similars to treat many conditions of the human body. Homeopathy teaches that interference with life force can bring on a host of ailments. Remedies are used to mimic symptoms of disorders, which the body responds to in the negative. When this type of care is combined with modern western medicine, the chances for a permanent solution are increased a great deal.

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