We all have different body fat compositions according to our genes. Our lifestyle also plays a major role in determining the size of our body. The shape and basic composition of men and women are different. Men tend to put on weight in their abdominal area, whereas women tend to put on weight on their lower body. The lower body being the thighs, hips and buttocks. This is due to the hormones in males and females. The most common body fat pattern in women is the pear shape. This is due to the tendency to put fat on lower part of body.

The lower part of our body is less active than the upper part in burning fat and the release of fat from the upper body is higher than the lower. Some components help men to breakdown the fat in their lower region, but not in women. The female hormone estrogen is responsible for higher concentration of lower body fat in women.

One cannot change the body shape determined by our genes, but one can work towards losing the body fat and toning it. Exercising is essential. Dieting is equally important. They both go hand in hand.

To lose lower body fat, do exercises like cardio, aerobics, weights and yoga. Some very good calorie burning exercises are walking, running, jogging, swimming, cycling, stair climbing, sit ups and jumping jacks. Do your work outs regularly. Aim at reducing weight slowly. Do not expect fast and quick results. Do your work outs for minimum of 20 to 30 minutes in the morning before eating breakfast? In yoga, there are different poses which help you tone up the lower body. One such pose is the warrior pose. Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutations is also an excellent way to tone up the body.

Watching your calorie intake is essential too. Reduce the calorie intake everyday by about 100 to 200. Do this till you reach 500 calories. This will slowly help you lose lower body fat. One cannot spot reduce; therefore the whole body workout in addition to lesser calorie intake will eventually tone up your lower body too. Eat a healthy diet which is nutritious and not high on calories. Eliminate refined food, colas, sugar rich food and fried food from your diet. Slow changes like these will help one lose up to two pounds per week. This is the healthy way of losing lower body fat. If you go on crash diets and miracle pills, it can affect your health. Also the faster you lose weight using these methods, the faster it comes back.

Eat smaller meals and avoid heavy meals. Do not skip any meal and chew your food slowly and chew well. Sufficient intake of water is essential. Water will help one get rid of the toxins in the body and keep the body hydrated.

Many people opt for surgeries to lose lower body fat. But the safest way would be the natural way. Find the right balance of input and output of the calories. This is done by exercising and right diet.

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