Today's modern life is a major source of health problems you encounter in your day-to-day life. Doing jobs that require recurrent movements like cycling or driving can trigger discomfort and pain that can hinder your fundamental daily activities. In severe instances, when a bone called vertebra collapses or breaks, it causes a vertebral compression fracture that occurs more often at the thoracic spine. Such fractures can pressure the nerves or spinal cord either from the bone protrusion or compression itself, resulting in back pains.

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Question and Answers on Back Pain

What Is Back Pain?

It is an injury to the back tissues or bones. When sitting in a fixed position for a long time, you can feel it, or during quick or sudden movements, and lifting weighty objects. The back is a supportive anatomic structure enabling mobility and balance for the whole body and securing the spinal cord. As well-formed as it is, the end is susceptible to damages that might cause you to need the doctor's assistance.

What Are Some of the Effects of the Back Pain?

Chronic pain and acute pain.

Chronic pain is related to burning, aching, dull, and deep pain that results in weakness, numbness, and tingling that goes to the extremities lasting long and cannot be relieved by conservative treatment. Acute pain is associated with sudden, severe, and sharp pain that recovers within a short period upon administering conservative treatment like rest, medication, physical therapy, and exercise.

What Are the Causes of Back Pain?

When there are no other underlying medical conditions, acute pains resulting from ligaments or muscles stretching can worsen continuously for a few hours. Still, conservative treatment is administered, recovering in about five weeks.

Developmental disorders result in deformational abnormalities of the skeleton growth like kyphosis and scoliosis. The treatment is by conservative methods or surgery in severe cases.

Mechanical disorders such as spondylolysis involve damage to joints or ligaments.

Other causes of back pain are:

  • Falls, accidents, or sports injury.
  • Pillow or sleeping positioning.
  • Shoulder hiking while making or receiving a call.
  • The exertion of stress and tension on the muscles.
  • Poor posture while sitting or standing.
  • Carrying a heavily loaded backpack, briefcase, or purse.
  • Physical efforts that are strenuous and sudden.
  • Poor lifting of loads.
  • Herniated disc and bulging.
  • Vertebral subluxation.
  • Spine osteoporosis structures.

The health care providers assess your condition then administer treatment in various ways. As per the location of your injury, to enhance functionality, the doctor may perform chiropractic adjustments. The procedure recovers the range of back motion and regulates the inflammation of the nerve. Other methods include physical therapy modalities, patient education, exercise, and mobilization to give a known treatment approach.

What Are the Treatment Options?

Consult a medical physician when you are:

  1. Are expectant.
  2. In incidences of acute pain when you are not recovering in less than 72 hours of self-administered treatment.
  3. Having problems moving your extremities or feeling numb.
  4. Experiencing physical trauma as a result of an accident.

If you are experiencing any of the listed challenges, call the office or plan an appointment through the online feature today.

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