Brand building online begins with communicating a clear and concise image of who you are or what you represent. It is the clarity of this 'message' and the signal of your commitment that will help you build the online reputation you are seeking! Your first step however will be to create a brand awareness that people will notice and take seriously! Without the attention of the masses it matters little what branding strategies you are using, your efforts will be ineffective!

Here are 3 things you MUST do to create the brand awareness you need in order to develop and establish the online reputation you want!

Own Your Domain

The most important aspect of any brand is in the clarity of what it represents. Owning your domain allows for you to select the most appropriate name and to keep it as simple as possible. Remember you want to be clear with what you represent and a sub domain will only add words or phrases unrelated to your brand. This will only serve to compromise the message you are sending to people and the effectiveness of any branding strategies you may use!

Pay for Hosting

Although saving money and using a free blogging platform such as blogger or wordpress may be tempting it is only makes sense in the short run. This may be a good way to get familiar or comfortable with blogging but creating a strong brand awareness online takes time and patience. It is unlikely a free blogging platform will give you the needed flexibility to establish such a presence! You see free is not always free in terms of control when it comes to a blog. These hosted platforms have rules, regulations and conditions you need to abide by or they will close you down, just like that!

Internet Presence

Speaking of creating an internet presence, this will be an ongoing task since you want to create and maintain brand awareness internet wide. The operative word is 'maintain' and this can only be done through repetition! Firmly establishing an online reputation that is firmly embedded in the minds of others is not the result of a one time effort! Consider it like rolling a boulder up a hill, once you stop pushing, it will simply roll back down! Your continuous efforts will be required!

Branding building involves much repetition in order to help reinforce the online reputation you need or want to establish. To get the best results from any branding strategies you may use you must first portray a clear image along with a signal of your commitment or people will not take notice. The 3 things any strategy needs to effectively create brand awareness online are discuss above and target your personal commitment to the process. Properly addressing these 3 areas will make all your efforts more effective in developing the online reputation or image you have selected for your needs!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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