Hair treatment technology has grown in the recent past. Medical science has shown the way to regrow hair and make the growth permanent. Hair clinics in Delhi have adopted this technology and so bald people (both men and women) can avail of this technology and get their youthful looks back. Here is how it works.

First, determine the treatment needed

The first thing the hair experts in the clinics find out is the amount of baldness you need to be covered up. Next, they determine which of the methods (including a hair transplant) will suit you. The costs for these treatments vary according to the amount of effort and time needed for each. So, fix your appointment for the Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi and check the cost.

Guaranteed Hair Transplant for You

Though hair transplant treatment works (hair clinics give you 25 years guarantee!) it is not always necessary even with Grade 7 (complete baldness) type of baldness. You could try the alternative mesotherapy or PRP treatment first. This might be enough and it costs lesser and takes lesser time. This is because the sitting for a hair transplant is spaced from the next by 5-6 months. You will need 4 settings means it will take 2-3 years.

Time needed is more

On a comparative scale, the hair loss treatments are spaced by 2-3 months only. So, the entire treatment will be over within a year at the most. That said, it is time to see whether you need a hair loss treatment or a hair transplant. The hair experts will test the condition of your scalp and hair to make this determination. In some cases, you have to undergo a test to see if hair loss methods will regrow your hair.

Alternative Treatment Methods

In mesotherapy, a mixture of herbal tonics and vitamins is injected into your scalp. This stimulates new hair growth. This is a preferred method because it is effective and shows results fast. The second is the PRP method where a protein-rich plasma mix is drawn out from regions where you have lustrous growth. This would be the back of the head or from the head of a friend with good hair growth. This PRP is injected into your bald regions. Since the PRP has growth hormones, it will stimulate the growth of new hair.

More methods of treatment

Other than these, you also have laser therapy and Derma Roller methods. These methods are used for people who have not lost much hair. They only suffer hair loss due to imperfect growth conditions of the scalp. In the Derma Roller method, a roller with spikes filled with growth stimulating nutrients is rolled over your head. This will help stimulate the hair growth. In the laser therapy method, a laser beam is passed over the scalp so that it opens the blood vessels and stimulates the growth of new hair. Both methods are effective if you do not have much hair loss.

Once it is decided what kind of treatment is suited for your hair type, it is wise to begin treatment at once. Check our installment plans as this will help you bear the cost better. Since the hair transplant costs a lot, consult your friends and family members. If you get the go-ahead from them, then you can fix the date to begin the treatment. Get your youthful looks back today itself.

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