Chronic prostatitis is a common and frequently-occurring disease in middle-aged and older men. It has the characteristics of long course and easy recurrence. After men have prostatitis, they should actively receive scientific, reasonable and regular treatment.

Antibiotics usually have little effect on chronic prostatitis. People can take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to carry on the treatment. It improves your immunity and self-healing ability, builds up a defense against bacteria and infections, to prevent this disease from reoccurring again. And it can not only eliminate symptoms but also fundamentally cure the disease.

Except for drug treatment and other measures, dietary therapies often have a good effect on strengthening the body and improving the resistance of the human body.

The first is lean meat, fish and shrimp, eggs for and various bean products. These substances are rich in protein. Protein is one of the essential raw materials for the formation of prostate semen, and also an indispensable nutritional component. It should be noted that in order to retain as much complete protein as possible, the best way to cook is to steam, boil, burn, fry and other methods.

The second is to supplement vitamins as much as possible. Vitamin A, can promote the absorption and synthesis of protein, and then accelerate cell division so that new cell growth. Vitamin C, with a good antiviral effect, and then effectively enhance the body's immunity. Vitamin E can regulate the function of the male gonad and strengthen the vitality of sperm.

Again, men should eat more mineral-rich food. Iron deficiency is easy to appear fatigued, pale complexion and other symptoms, which will aggravate after sexual intercourse. Therefore, in daily life, male must pay attention to the intake of minerals because these microelements are also components of semen, which have special effects on stimulating sperm vitality.

Many patients with prostatitis hope to find diet therapy for prostatitis, which can help relieve the pain. Here are three effective diet treatments for men:

Fresh bean sprout juice

This juice has the effect of clearing away heat and infection, which is suitable for damp-heat prostatitis patients.

Method: prepare 500g fresh mung bean sprouts, wash them, wring and squeeze with clean gauze, add the proper amount of sugar, and drink frequently.

Wax gourd and hemp kernel soup

This decoction has the effect of making your urine smooth, and it is suitable for the patients with prostatitis of dampness type.

Method: peel the wax gourd and slice it for use; grind the hemp kernel and stir it with water to make it precipitate, remove the dregs and take the juice and put it into the pot, add the sliced and washed white gourd, cook it well, and put the ingredients for seasoning.

Rice porridge with green beans and plantain

This porridge is suitable for the elderly with prostatitis and diarrhea.

Method: wrap the plantain, orange peel and turmeric gauze, boil the juice to remove the dregs, and put the mung beans and sorghum rice into the porridge.

Finally, before the inflammation is eliminated, men should pay attention to reducing the number of sexual life properly, and pay more attention to personal hygiene than before.

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