There are many effective herbal remedies for bleeding piles which can stop blood loss and also relieve pain and swelling in a short time. Piles are actually irritated hemorrhoids and there are few reasons mostly related to diet, digestion and lifestyle which cause this irritation. Hemorrhoids are present in anal canal to facilitate bowel movement; hard feces, pressure, chemicals and acids present in the feces can irritate hemorrhoids to cause piles. However there are other reasons too which can cause this problem and some are yet to be known.

The symptoms of piles is secretion of blood along with bowel movement which initially may not cause any pain and but can become painful after sometime when hemorrhoids get prolapsed. Another symptom of piles is formation of bump and bulging out anal lining which does not bleed but is painful during bowel movements and later too. There are effective herbal remedies for bleeding piles which when complimented with healthy and proper diet and lifestyle can provide long lasting relief.

White radish juice is one of the very effective herbal remedy for piles. This juice contains rich sources of vital minerals like calcium, copper, potassium and folic acid which improves digestion and provide easy and smooth bowel movements to cure piles. 50 ml of juice twice in a day can cure the problem in a short time. This is also very beneficial for non-bleeding piles, application of paste of white radish on the swollen anal lining can relieve pain and swelling to alleviate the problem.

Bitter gourd is another very effective herbal remedy for bleeding piles which is also very useful like white radish in relieving pain and swelling caused by non-bleeding piles. Bitter gourd juice can be blended with buttermilk, to make a glass of mixture, and shall be consumed twice in a day for at least 3 months to get long lasting relief from the problem. Its paste can be applied topically on the bulging anal lining for relieving pain and inflammation.

Turnip leaf juice is also very effective herbal remedy for bleeding piles. Consuming juice of turnip leaves after mixing it with watercress, spinach or carrot juice alleviates the problem very effectively and in short duration. Turnip leaves provide various other health benefits too and are effective against bleeding as well as non-bleeding piles.

Apart from taking herbal remedies Pilesgon for bleeding piles one should also improve his or her diet and lifestyle to prevent reoccurrences of the problem. Acidic, greasy and hard to digest food when get digested and is excreted out of the system chemicals and toxins present in this waste matter irritate hemorrhoids. These irritated hemorrhoids get inflamed and bleed to cause extreme pain and this condition is referred as bleeding piles. Drink water in the day in sufficient quantities to allow smooth bowel movement.

Avoid constipation, take a walk after meals, eat smaller meals and chew every morsel well before swallowing, eat more fruits and green vegetables in the diet and include fruits like banana, papaya, guava necessarily for maintaining healthy digestion and preventing constipation. During pregnancy women may suffer with piles due to extra pressure on the anal region which can be treated with herbs safely.

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