Ulcerative colitis is also known as colitis ulcerosa. A bowel ailment is inflammatory in nature and is in a form of colitis. A colon disease occurs or covers a large part of the large intestine. The features of this disease include ulcers and sores that are open. It can damage the gastrointestinal area completely. The symptoms of these diseases include diarrheathat is combined with blood. This disease has a confusing nature and mostly people take it as bowel syndrome or IBS.This disease is seen in the northern regions of the countries. The causes of this disease are not particular but they are susceptible. The only way one can mark its presence is by seeking a medical advice as soon as the symptoms are noticed.

Supplements of Ulcerative Colitis

Ayurveda is natural and one of the best forms of medication that is free from chemicals and side effects on the body. The prime treatment of this disease is possible in Ayurveda. Ulcerative colitis can be treated by the techniques of Ayurveda. Planet ayurveda is a company that is a leading manufacturer of herbal medicines, which are free from artificial flavors and chemicals. The medication provided by the company is vegetarian and is free from side effects. There are different medicines, which treat this problem and all of them are combined to form a pack known as ulcerative colitis care pack and this pack is herbal. It has the potential to deal with the symptoms of ulcerative colitis like bleeding, pain and abdominal cramps. It also improves the health of the patient suffering from this problem.

Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack

The elements of this pack are as follows:
1. Vatsakadi Churna
2. Kutazghan Vati
3. Arjuna Capsules
4. Pitta Balance

Vatsakadi Churna
The different ingredients of this medicine are coriander, bael, choti elaichi seeds, pomegranate etc. All these variants are mixed together in a perfect quantity to manufacture this herbal supplement. This medicine helps in balancing the body and heals ulcers. It provides relaxation in pain and in the inflammatory situation of the colon. This supplement is available in the form of a Churna or powder. It also helps in increasing the metabolism of the body. This herbal medicine is anti-biotic in nature and cure acute ulcerative colitis.

Dose: 1 tbsp. with plain water twice daily after meal

Kutazghan Vati

This medicine is full of herbal properties, which are used to cure this disorder. They help to cure dysentery and this makes them a popular medicine for ulcerative colitis. It is helpful for the treatment of bowel ailments. This medicine also treats the symptoms of ulcerative colitis that is similar to vatsakadi Churna. The bark of this tree is used in the medication of this disease. It decreases swelling that mainly occurs due to the ulcers.

Dose: 2 tablets twice daily after meal

Arjuna Capsules

It is extracted from the bark of Terminalia arjuna. This tree has abundant properties that aid in ulcerative colitis. The main function of this medicine is that it provides strength to inner walls of the colon and protects them from wounds. This herbal product boosts the hemoglobin level and improves the immune structure of the body. This is done through a substance namely alkaloids that is present in this herb. It is the best medicine for intestinal diseases and repairs it in an efficient manner.

Dose: 2 capsules twice daily after meal with plain water

Pitta Balance

This compound is made from pearls and corals, which are a great source of calcium. They are helpful in solving the bleeding disorders and lessen the blood pressure in the body. It also reduces stress levels and acidity problems. Apart from these problems, it also treats eye related problems and provides a best and effective treatment to the patient of Vatsakadi Churna.
Dose: 1 capsule twice daily after meal with plain water
These herbal supplements can be taken in any age because they do not put extra pressure on the body. They are safe even for the children because there are no chemicals in this herbal product.

Ulcerative colitis is not a severe ailment but can become fatal if one leaves it as it is, therefore, it is better to take preventive measures against it.

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