HR Management is one of the oldest and most required professions of the world. There would not be a single organization, who can work with out human resource department in their organization. In this article, we will talk about the importance of HR people in a company, their roles and responsibilities and their changing profile in today’s world.

Manpower is the key to the development and success of any business or corporate organization. The people of a company lay the foundation of the success of any company. Therefore it becomes very important to manage the manpower effectively so as to derive the best output from them. Today every organization is providing a flexible and friendly environment to their workforce that promotes improvement in overall performance by employees and subsequently promotes the growth of business.

HR management gives complete HR solutions to run an organization smoothly by offering a variety of services. They are engaged in making plan strategies for worker's compensation and risk management to avoid any types of crisis situation in the business in future. Payroll and attendance of workforce is also a job that is performed by HR management team that tracks each employee's working hours and timings as well as the records. They keep a track of all HR services such as administration, payroll & tax management. They always try to motivate their workers by offering them several benefits like health insurance, incentives, bonus etc.

It is the responsibility of human resource management team to recruit candidates that fit for various roles in the company and meet with the needs of particular departments. HR department plans and implements the best selection procedures to find the best employees for the organization. Human Resource Management helps you monitor employee performance by keeping records of their working and productive hours and scheduling meetings for your team discussions. After recruiting the best candidates, they are assigned their jobs and teams with the help of team members as well but HR management also takes care of formation of such teams that can communicate and work effectively to meet the set goals of the business.

Since the requirement of HR professionals has increased many folds, so this has become a demanded profession among the young people of the generation. Gaining certificate courses in HR qualifies one to become an HR specialist or part of the recruitment team. The curriculum is formulated to impart skills that are needed by HR people on a daily basis. Students are provided knowledge on topics that include employment policies, employee training and development, recruitment, employment benefits, appraisal process, human rights, developing employee friendly policies and procedures and many more.

Some of the renowned colleges which are offering short term courses in HR management are as follows:

•Jansons School Of Business (JSB), Coimbatore, India
•Faculty of Management Studies (FMS-Delhi), Delhi/NCR, India
•WLCI Business School, Noida, India
•Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT), Hyderabad, India
•Indira Institute of Management- Pune (IIMP), Pune, India

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WLCI College India is a Business School founded in the year 1995. Having resource centers at 16 locations across Indian Subcontinent is engaged in offering hr management courses, finance management courses and marketing management courses.