The size of a company has been a definitive measure for its success. This is common knowledge especially in the eyes of masses for if they see a large business establishment, they immediately think that the business in question is highly successful. Nevertheless, this statement is not true at all times. For example, in a team of basketball players, those with exceedingly exceptional height may not be as good as those shorter ones. Many “shorter” NBA superstars are able to shoot the ball into the hoop more accurately than those taller players.

In accordance with the previous example, small and medium businesses are seriously underrated to the point that they are even perceived as the underdogs of today. While those SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses) are being left in the shadows, giant corporations are being looked upon as the superpowers of today's business era.

SMBs in Singapore have also felt the unyielding power of those large business corporations. Because of the immensity of their competitor's size, it is very hard for them to get a stable footing in their market. Even though size does matter in most cases, it does not always lead a business into achieving success. Tall business establishments have still gone through small and humble beginnings.

For example is the ever popular social networking website Facebook™ . If one has seen the movie “The Social Network™” then we know that Facebook™ started out as a small website that was only intended for the denizens of the Harvard University. After much struggle, it turned into a huge corporation, producing millions of dollars in annual earnings. In this example, Facebook™ wasn't even an establishment at first but it was only run, monitored, and supervised by a few, select people. Today, the company now stands tall and proud as they have beaten opposing websites as the current king of social networking sites.

Now on to the subject at hand, for these SMBs to stand out even with the fiercest of competitions, they should consider employing lead generation and all its important procedures as their main marketing strategy. When a business has a steady flow of leads coming in, a prominent boost in the company's sales output can be achieved. As easy as it may seem, it can become the most difficult challenge that a business, small or large, has to come across. The campaign itself can be brought up effectively but it may take an ample amount of time and money in the process. These two things are part of the key elements in running a business that losing either one can put them in a grave position.

One of the more trusted mediums to go about generating leads is telemarketing. It has served many businesses, no matter what the scale, as a means to bring about new opportunities and thus awaken the potential for the company to grow. In Singapore, there is now only a small number in their population that still do not own a phone. Therefore it is only a matter of time for a business to contact those prospects and qualify them as leads.

The key distinction of telemarketing is the fact that it can provide a high response rate from leads and prospects. Contrary to other marketing mediums wherein they have to wait for days for a prospect's response, using the telephone to entice potential clients provides a faster pace to advertise a business' products and/or services.

Business owners who are not ready to handle a lead generation campaign of their own can outsource their marketing course to a trustworthy telemarketing firm.

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