For the past few years, mind development has been on everyone's mind mainly because societies are beginning to focus a lot more on the power of the mind to develop future thinkers. Parents all over the globe tried all methods to increase their children's mind capacity. Some proposed the use of child psychology, while others proposed the use of calculations and memory retainment methods. Unfortunately, these methods were not efficient enough. This is because by the end of the day they only result in teaching children how to use their memory and their brains, rather than actually improving their memories and developing their brains.

Nonetheless, these were not the only method's people could use, as they are other more effective methods such as brainwave entrainment, hypnotism, meditation and so on. Through scientific research done, it was discovered that a human brain existed in various frequency states, which result from electromagnetic pulses of the brain neurons as they communicate with each other. These frequencies range from as small as 0Hz to 40Hz - although this range differs depending on the person. Among these states are the super states, which include the Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta.

Brainwave entrainment technology induces a frequency to the cortical in order to attain these super states. For instance, if one wants to learn faster and improve their memory - something that is not possible normally - all they need to do is tune their brain into the Alpha state. The Alpha state ranges between 7Hz to 12Hz, which is a place of deep relaxation and deep meditation. In this state, one begins to access their creative mind, which lies below the conscious level. In this state, people's awareness of themselves also begins to expand, and one finds new ideas, becomes visual and is even able to solve problems quickly and easily.

The good thing about using brainwave technology is that one can use it anytime to invoke the state of mind they want to attain. In addition, this technology is rich because one can reproduce waves ranging from deep relaxation to high arousal. In order to train one's brain to recreate the desired mind state in the long term, one should use brainwave technology particularly listening to binaural beats for a number of months or for several sessions.

That is why binaural beats CD's and MP3's are highly recommended in order for one to get the desired results. After several months of use one starts, feeling as if the program is no longer putting them in the initial state it was. That is to say, if one was using the technology to reach the Alpha state, continuous use of the program makes them feel as if they are no longer reaching this state of mind. The reason for this is not that the binaural beats have lost their effectiveness; rather, it is because mind development has taken place. Actually, a person has grown mentally besides growing physically. In order to maintain the effectiveness of brainwave entrainment technology, one should lower the carrier frequencies progressively.

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