A mist system is purely designed for cooling the temperature in hot area. It could be the best option to cool patio. The device has capacity to cool the air as much as 30 degrees allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities all through those hot summer days. You will have no problem, if you are entertaining your guests, leisurely spending your time with your own family or just reading a book in your spare time at patio. When it comes to selecting a misting system, there are generally three types of mist products- high pressure, mid pressure and low pressure mist pump systems. You can choose any as per your need.

Low-pressure mist systems are often used for household purpose, while high-pressure cooling systems are designed for commercial application. Systems with high pressure pump are used by factories, businesses, warehouses, schools, hotels, restaurants, sport events, playgrounds, etc. Always, select a high quality and effective cooling product. Make sure you do not buy a cheap mister, as it will work as mini-sprinkler and do more to get you wet, instead of cooling you and your place. Buy from a reputed brand that is known for building quality misters for commercial, agriculture and residential usage.

How do misters work? They work through the evaporation of water. These systems spray a fine mist into the atmosphere by using high pressure and tubing to force the water through those tiny nozzles often made of brass, ceramic or stainless steel. The nozzle has an orifice of about 5 micrometers to turn the water into a very fine mist. Water droplets produced by the nozzle are so small that they evaporate instantly making the surrounding air cool and cozy and lowering the temperature as much as 35 degree. If you want to save yourself from that harsh temperature in summer, installing a quality misting systems would be great idea to feel relaxed at your patio or restaurant or a hotel to mention a few. This will allow you and your family to lead a better and comfortable lifestyle in these hot days of summer time.

Outdoor misting systems are popular in both humid and dry climates. They are less expensive to install plus easy to use devices for outdoor cooling. They have several advantages over air-conditioning. They use less energy than air conditioners. They are not only used to cool patios, but many industrial facilities are also using them to keep their employees happy and refreshed by lowering heat stress levels and making the work environment safer for workers. If you are looking for mist systems for your patio, you can visit internet and check out companies that build these sorts of high quality cooling equipments. Compare prices, features and benefits of each product you search through online websites.

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