Arthritis is actually pain in the joint areas of the bones like fingers, knees, hips, jaws. This is a very painful condition as joints are the areas which is surrounded by so many nerves and also helps them to do their work properly. Arthritis has so many types and one of the important one is osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. In place of taking heavy medicines you must look for the natural arthritis pain relief methods.

Natural Remedies- Natural arthritis pain relief methods are very helpful and even they have many released symptoms. Ournature is very rich and has so many rare herbs which can help you to get rid of even severe health issues. Here mentioned are some of them.

Boswellia- This herb has anti-inflammatory properties. Also, this mainly found in India and the gum which is extracted from the tree is helpful in relieving the joint pain and inflammation. Even some researches said that herb contains an acid and this is helpful in putting full stop over leukotriene (immune cells responsible for inflammation). It also gives way to proper blood flow to the areas having inflammation and so tissues got their nourishment.

Dandelion Leaves- It is one of the best natural arthritis pain relief ways. Also, it can be grown in your house garden. Usually it is eaten as green salad because it contains good amount of Vitamin C and A. It repairs the damaged tissues and makes the liver strong so can flush out toxins from blood. Because of its properties this herb is been used from years. The old leaves of the herb become hard and so you can have them as salad. You can also steam them and eat after that.

Cherries- One must eat about 7-8 cherries perday to get quick relief from arthritis pain. Fresh, tinned or frozen cherries can be taken. It is been used from years. According to a Japanese treatment, Cherries are boiled till changed into a syrup thenthis sweet drink can be taken on regular basis. It is source of magnesium (so make you free from pain as well) and potassium (reduces inflammationby reducing tissues of fluid).

Water Therapy- It is fun way for natural arthritis pain relief. Take warm water in a tub and now put the areas having inflammation in that tub for next one hour. The temperature of the water should be 95.5degrees Fahrenheit.

Copper Bracelet- It seems stupid to wear copper bracelets if having arthritis but this is true as this is an old wives’ tale. Even some specialists suggested doing the same. There is one scientific reason behind this and that is some substances are absorbed by the skin and so play effective role in relieving arthritis. You can find this anywhere very easily.

Ginger- This is wonder way to natural arthritis pain relief. Some medical researchers said that having ginger regularly helps to lessen the joint pain. This can be taken in any way as soups, salads and sauces.

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So, above given are some of easy ideas to natural arthritis pain relief and if you are having the problem then can pick anyone of them and try to get quick relief. Also get more information on arthritis herbal cure and supplements for arthritis.