I always hear people asking "how do you build a successful team?" In my opinion its about the leader, you can lead by example, you can also lead the horse to water but you can't make him drink.

Being an effective leader is how successful teams are built, being focused and organized with where you are going but be compassionate enough to know every person is different.

1. Leadership: Being an effective leader is knowing what you are doing, knowing where you are going and knowing that no matter what you will get to your goal. When you are side track stay on course with your team do not take them on the same side track with you (never let them see you sweat) you are the fearless leader with compassion and understanding. Your team must trust you and always know that you are available to them and that they are not a bother. Make time for all your new people and assist them with connecting with others on your team, have a plan in place for all aspects of your business and give it in doses that each individuals can handle (I do 3 actions at a time). Remember hand holding is not going to help lead them to the information, but DO NOT do it for them you are only hurting them and taking time from your team.

2. Information: Have whats necessary to succeed easily accessible by e-mail (pdf files) broken down into small dosages, so that no one gets overwhelmed quick learners give extra to. When building a strong team leaders need to make sure not Overload a new person, people will quite, be patient. So often good people walk away that would have been a huge success because they got overwhelmed its a journey not a race, understand that everyone is different.

3. "I don't know": Leaders are human too... So often I hear leaders and bosses give inaccurate information, just to act like they know the answer. Saying I don't know, is very powerful!
Try this, I don't know but I will find out and get back to in give a specific time frame and get the answer and get back to your team member with the answer. Giving the wrong information because your afraid to say I don't know is a HUGE mistake.

4. Confidence: Boost, Boost, Boost... find the good and positive assets in each member of your team build on that use what they do well to your advantage the more they focus on what they are good at the more good you will see and get. If they are constantly reminded on what they need to work on, they will become stuck and will never get moving they will become dead weight.

5. Personal Development: A must in team building, if you are going to be a leader, personal development is an absolute must. Get grateful for your team members, share books of encouragement with your team. Have a monthly meeting (tele-conference) and pick a topic and stay focused and work a little personal development into your team as well. Be passionate but stay on task.

If you start to implementing these five items with your team in your team building strategies you will find that they are far more productive and want to Be... Do... and Have...more. These 5 simple ways really work I have trained people in all different businesses from bartending to banking and so on, watch who you are being and be and let everyone be Themselves only BETTER!

To Your Success,
Jeanne Zierhoffer

Author's Bio: 

Jeanne Dervan Zierhoffer Honored by Cambridge Who’s Who
March 9, 2011, Jeanne Dervan Zierhoffer, Owner of Best Personal Development, has been recognized by Cambridge Who's Who for demonstrating dedication, leadership and excellence in her career.Jeanne Dervan Zierhoffer has been in sales and marketing for 14-plus years. She was a residential real estate sales leader in the Boston Mass. area, where she personally marketed and sold several multi-million dollar sub-divisions and assisted in the development of land. She also worked closely with the developers and builders in designing floor plans and choosing interior design schemes. For Jeanne, the best part was seeing the clients excitedly moving into their new, finished homes. At the time, she was a member of the Greater Boston Real Estate Board.

Today, Ms. Zierhoffer helps people understand Best Personal Development’s products and compensation plan. A qualified transform distributor herself, Jeanne also trains new distributors for the leading international personal development company Avant. The company provides people with an opportunity to earn a large income from home. Avant’s compensation plan is a hybrid and offers residual income four layers deep. As Jeanne explained it, “Our products are in such high demand and offer such a huge value to individuals that they sell themselves...the opportunity is made so simple and lucrative, that it is very desirable to all walks of life, no matter who there are or what their background.” Various training programs are available.

“This opportunity has no boundaries,” Jeanne explained. “Our products have literally saved and changed lives in a very positive way. Our mission is to assist as many people as we can get into better situations.” Coming from a family of very hard workers, she attributes her success to her family, drive, work ethic and honest nature.

Outside of work, Jeanne has served as a library volunteer and basketball and baseball coach at Billerica School. She looks forward to enjoying a life of living on purpose.