How do you think, what is the very first thing men pay attention to, when see a beautiful woman? Eyes? Smile? Brest? No! Last researches showed that long, healthy hair – is the best thing to draw attention of opposite sex. Not only men pay too much attention to long women`s hair, girls also often envy happy owners of gorgeous manes, and we can understand why. In childhood, every girl was amazed by incredible beauty of famous Disney characters like Rapunzel or Cinderella. It was impossible for kid to take her eyes off the screen, observing marvelous clothes and hairstyles. When girls grow out, they want to embrace those fairytale images in real life and grow out a long hair.
Of course, knowing how to create attractive and complicated hairstyles is a good thing, but there is one more thing you need to embrace princess look. This thing is healthy hair. Some girls have strong, thick locks from birth, other have to do their best in order to make their locks look attractive. We all know that styling dry, weak hair is a real disaster, just like styling greasy and extra heavy strands. Keeping an essential balance is a must if you want to have healthy mane.
It is time to make your childhood dreams come true. Here are five vital tips created by experienced professionals at the best New York Hair Salon that will help you to get Disney princesses hair as soon as it is possible.
# 1 Protect your hair
When girls hear words “hair protection” they usually think about heat protection while styling. Of course, we do not tire of repeating that you should apply special serums or sprays every time you style your locks, using high temperatures. However, not only flatiron and blow dryer can cause serious damage to your strands. Your mane also needs protection against extreme weather conditions like wind, rain, snow, sun rays etc.
# 2 Use one line shampoo and conditioner
Next time you will be shopping, don’t go for experiments and buy shampoo and conditioner from one line. These products meant to be used together, and in combination they provide the best effect on your hair. Each product line is created for peculiar hair type and needs, so there is no need to mix them all and ruin this perfect symbiosis.
# 3 Avoid tight up does
No, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on your favorite high ponytail, it means you have to wear it a little bit less. Embracing too tight hairstyles on a regular basis damages your locks and lead to balding and split ends. Give your hair some rest from time to time and leave it loose for the whole day.
# 4 Go for hair masks every weekend
Proper mask – is the best way to nourish and hydrate your hair and scalp. It is important to use a mask that fits exactly your hair type, otherwise it can only aggravate your problem. It is up to you to decide whether it will be your own homemade mask, or the one you buy at store.
# 5 Eat healthy
Hair health comes not only from outside, but also from the inside. Pay more attention to what you eat, consume more fruits, vegetables and natural proteins. If your hair is too thin and weak, try to add some vitamins and minerals to your everyday ration.
Follow these tips and enjoy your new, gorgeous hair with

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