Installing hardwood floors has become a popular trend these days. It is preferred over other flooring because of its durability, elegance, and beauty. Also, it is believed that properties having wooden flooring have their own style and class in society. Due to this fact, many people do not try it out at their homes because they think that its maintenance is a costly affair. Property owners who have wooden flooring installed do not take up cleaning with the fear that the floor might get damaged or ruined with it.

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But, here we like to break this myth by telling you that cleaning and maintenance of hardwood floors is one of the easiest. We completely agree on the fact that it gets more prone to damages and scratches when compared with marble or granite flooring, but you cannot ignore the fact that the benefits of a hardwood floor can be taken for a long time if given proper attention. Cleaning of hardwood floors can seem to be a difficult task only when you are not aware of the appropriate method of doing it.

For your convenience we are briefing the proper method through which you can take care of cleaning and maintenance needs of your wood floors.

Sweeping of floor with broom should be included in the regular schedule to keep it free form dust and soil particles. Use soft bristled broom for this purpose.

You should also vacuum the surface at least once a week so that dirt can be removed which can cause scratches on the surface. Attach a soft brush nozzle on the vacuum for this purpose.

Water and wood are incompatible, so wipe up the water as soon as they appear on the surface. You can use dry cloth or chamois to clean the water from the hardwood surface.

Use only lightly dampened mop to wipe the floor so that water can be dried quickly from the surface. Using wet mop can lead to swelling to wood’s texture.

Do not wear hard sole shoes and pointed heeled sandals while walking on the floor as this can leave dents.

Never drag furniture or any sort of heavy object on the floor’s surface as it can lead to scratches.

If you want to avoid entering of soil and dust particles on the floor then keep a mat on the entrance of the door so that shoes can be cleaned before stepping inside the place.

Do take professional help whenever you face a severe damage on the hardwood floor. Do not try to remediate things on your own.
Keep these points in mind so that the look of your wood flooring can be maintained for a longer time

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