Neuropathy is the art of curing the medical conditions of the body without the use of medicines. It involves the use of massage and pressure on the nerves and various organs to achievethe harmony within the body.

Choose the best Neurotherapy centre

We see that there are many institutes that qualify as being the best neurotherapy center in Delhi. They cure various ailments here and patients get relief from pains, diseases and long-standing medical conditions. The treatment is simple because there is no need to control or study many medicines that one uses to treat diseases and afflictions traditionally. The Neurotherapist will study the patient to ascertain the organs that need his attention for curing the ailment the person has.

He then applies one of the two methods for curing his patient. One is the use of pressure on the nerve channels. This allows him to redirect the flow of energy and make the one that is conducive to the healing process. This is faster and more effective than applying bio-chemicals to the body and then waiting for the drugs to stimulate the organs. This cure is also good from the point of view of recurring expenses. He or she does not have to pay more money for buying drugs continually. Once they are cured, the effect will last for a lifetime.

Use of massage

The second technique in the process of curing the patient by applying Neurotherapy techniques involves the use of massage. In this method, the therapist will give massage to the patient so that the blood or fluid flow to a specific organ is increased or decreased, depending on the type of result needed.

It is seen that there are 16 specific points of pain around the hip and navel region. The well-being of the person increases when we remove one or more of these points of pain. At first, we feel relief only for a short duration. But, gradually, this relief will become longer in duration and ultimately, we become completely cured of the ailment.

The pain point for the day will be determined by the technique developed by the neurotherapist who gives you the treatment. This makes the treatment method unique since we cannot generalise the situation in any case. If one wants to get a cure without the use of medicines, then they must take treatment at the Best Neurotherapy Centre in Delhi. The treatment is simple and the effect is almost instantaneous.

Choosing pain relief points

The navel is the centre of the body. It is seen that pressure applied on both legs, between the groin and the ankle will relieve pain above the navel. If you apply pressure on the arms and forearms, any pain between the perineum and the navel is relieved. Pressure on the right side will relieve pain in the left side and vice versa.

Neurotherapy is the wonderful method of healing. More people are coming to know of this and adopting this. One of the reasons is that the traditional allopathic medicine has so many side effects. The more important reason is that people have come to realise in the ability of the body to heal itself.

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